Thursday, July 26, 2012

15mm Battle Report: CMI 145th Modified Scout Company vs. Cthuloid Forces of unknown formation.

Hey all,  me and Owen, played a game of FUBAR, this past Monday. We decided to just throw down some random troops and go at it. We set up the terrian to be a small urban center, with a road leading to a fortified cathedral. The mission objective, would be 3 phase lines cutting the city into bars, that would be captured by having the bulkier presence there at the end of 8 turns.

Forces Dispositions.

The 145th Modified Scout Company
1 Veteran Officer
5 Veteran Troopers, w/ Power Armor and Assault Rifles
2x 10 man Teams, w/ Light Armor, and Infantry Rifle, 1 squad LMG per team.
2x Main Battle Tanks, w/ Cyclic Autocannons (Battle Cannon)
1x Tank Destroyer-Scout w/ HMG and Light Anti-Tank Cannon

Unidentified Formation of Cthuloid Aliens 
Anti Tank Cannon, (Towed Artillery)
2x 12 man teams, w/ Heavy Armor, and Assault Rifles
2x Rocket Troopers
2x HMG teams
2x Mortar Teams
2x Cthulu Priests (using unofficial psyker powers)
8 man squad of "Horrors"  with Terrifying Visage (Flamethrowers)


The Tank Destroyer and one of the Infantry Teams moves up, and are met with mortar fire, which immobilizes it and blows off the guns. 

The other Infantry with the Officer, Veterans, and a Tank engage the bulk of the Cthuloid forces in a gun battle, taking rocket fire, both sides come out relatively unscathed.

On my Right Flank, the 2nd Infantry Squad is engaged in Melee by the Cthuloids, and on the Left, the Cthuloids hunker into cover for a protracted firefight. 

The Battle Continues on both flanks, with the Infantry and Officer moving into the center structure to control the main road and support the advance of the other infantry, and the Veterans who moved up to clear out the buildings on the left. The Main Battle Tank on the right, moved into the center to draw the attentions of the heavier guns off the Infantry advances.

Outnumbered and out equipped 2nd Squad is overwhelmed by the Cthuloids, but make a serious impact on the enemies numbers. 

Both Tanks move into the center street and go toe to toe with the enemy elite troops and the big guns. The Officer/Infantry team open up on the survivors from the combat on the right, obliterating the Cthuloid troopers there.  On the left, the Veterans rip into the Cthuloid troopers.

 Massed Firepower takes down both main battle tanks in the center street. On the Left the Veterans are still engaged in close combat. 

End Result:

Cthuloid: 2 Phase Lines
CMI: 1 Phase Line

Friday, July 20, 2012

15mm Work, and some 40k 6th ed thoughts

Hello, everyone, im back (again)

I haven't been doing really anything with 40k recently, but i have been working on 15mm

Below is a few pics of the Big blob of 15mm guys i've painted up, and a cathedral im making for "Sellas Harbor" the theatre of engagement between my stuff and the forces of Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water.

Also, i've played a couple games of 6th edition, and i've come to a few conclusions.

1.) Assault is extremely brutal now, due to the challanges, and the removing from the front (which i love)
2.) Vehicles blow up and are destroyed more realistically than before which is also a good thing.
3.) Tactical placement of guys is finally important !  

All of this together makes a really gratifying experience for more narrative gaming than before, which is obviously something i approve of.