Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Big Game, & "Operation FREEloader" (i'll get to squats soon!)

Went to Hobbytown on Saturday. Got in a game with some "not so regulars". Anyway the match-up is as follows.

Pilgrims of Rust & Tau Empire   vs.   Space Wolves & Craftworld Eldar.    2500 points

Sieze-Ground/Pitched Battle

The First turns shooting proved severally ineffectual for us. I immediately decided that i'd buy the tau some time to fire by charging the entire combined Rallen squad into the heart of the enemy advance toward the central objective, and cause as much havoc as possible.  This conicided with the Russ' Immobilizing the SW raider just outside of a charge for the occupants, and wrecking the Forward Wave Serpent.  What was looking to be a decimating loss, turned into a real fight from here on out.

The Rallens continue to press into the city drawing off a rhino filled with angry marines from our right flank defenses, and a wave serpent filled with Banshee's and Eldrad. The Autocannons immobilized the Other wolf rhino directly infront of a squad of Fire Warriors who opt to play the waiting game for the marines to hop out of their transport or for the big guns to crack the tank.

The Rallens pull a heroic tale from this. and Force off the Dire Avengers from their position. as well as shooting Eldrad and his squad down to 1 banshee and a wounded Eldrad, who then promptly routed from the table.  The Rallen storm into the center objective.

The Wolf Rhino lets out its passagers and a brutal melee ensues in the heart of the city. This fight carry's on until the end of the game, with dozens of rallens left fighting the last two members of this squad.  The Wolf Hero's butcher their way into the Right Flank getting their just in time to contest that objective.  The Tau on the extreme left push in and hold their position and the Dire Avengers are able to pick up a ride and swoop into the last objective just in time. 

The game ends on turn 5 with a drawed match.

1 to 1, since the center melee had not ended and therefore the objective was open.

In other news.  I played mission two of space hulk  which well... ended badly for the marines. NOM NOM NOM.  muwhahahahah!   

Also, some of you might know, that i won the Executioners Contest from Sippin on Paint Water. Anyway i broke out the very few amount of marines i have and orchestrated my nefarious powers to get another 28 basic starter marines, the AoBR captian, and termies, and the Blood Angels book. All for painting favors. so this army will cost me..... NOTHING 0_0

More to come on this whenever chris puts up a tutorial on how he painted the executioners lol.


-your favorite madman-

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Battles, Short Guys, Freehanded Banners, 15mm, and Fantasy Re-boot !

As a warning this is going to be a big post.

First off, i played a game of 40k against Owen's Tyranids on Wed.  Pics Below !
750 points
Vol-Yor v. Hive Fleet [designation here]

We rolled up a Sieze Ground-Dawn of War game and went to work.  Early on the Flyrant got into an assault with the Seer Council, and was soon backed up by a outflanking stealer brood. Unfortunately for the tyrant, i was able to fight through both the lash whip and paroxism to deliver enough witch-blade hits to finish the beast. The stealers were short work from there.

A view of my battle lines after the first nid assault is seen off.

The Next wave comes in, and the Avatar strodes to hold the gap, while the Dire Avengers reload from last turns bladestorm.   The Avatar falls to the tide of gaunts, which are then blown from exsistance by massed shuriken fire from the freshly reloaded guns of the Dire Avengers

The Game ends with the Craftworld holding 2 objectives  and contesting 1, to the hive fleets holding 1

Next a pic from a game i played today at hobbytown with soloman.

Which was an 1850, against his air cav traitors.  His manticores were able to kill a 10 man squad plus transport a turn. followed by damage from the vendetta's, so it was a very rocky mid-game for me. The game ended on turn 5 with the ability to draw mere inches away. but alas it was not to be and the game stopped with no hope of a turn 6. 

I recently made a board for the 15mm guys, which will also double as a display board for armies and projects. Below are some shots from the "Consolidation" scenario as part of the Christmas War campaign, which i was playtesting prior to kicking off the campaign in earnest.

Finally some pics of more painted squats, and my attempt at freehanding a banner for Landon's "Hammers of Ornus" 

Additional Painted Squats NEXT POST !!!!

Also, we're having a bit of a Fantasy Renissance up at the local game store, so expect more on my Orcs & Goblins soon !

-Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Eldar: over the hump !

Hey all, i've gotten every unit in the Vol-Yor task force, assembled, and fully painted, now all i need is to base them up. Pics below !

So there you have the painted goodies.

-your favorite madman-

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cleansing: and its immediate side effects

I embarked upon a particularly epic journey the other night... organizing and fixing the hobby related things in my room.  This lead to a number of rather shocking and fun discoveries and revelations.
1.) I have a second IoB griffon
2.) I still have several men-at-arms bodies and weapons, enough to make a regiment in fact.
3.) An APC that is perfectly scaled for 15mm.
4.) im missing my fantasy pocket rulebook >_<
5.) the 40 bauhaus Warzone troopers from sonsoftaurus could be put to use in a marvelous way.
6.) I have a AoBR Dread.

Now, rather than recite to you word for word all the insane hobby-fueled madness that took place shortly after these discoveries. i'll simply list the army ideas with a small discription for each.

1.) Bretonnian Undead.- Based off the Red Duke story, i'll be taking this one slowly to really make them look as good as i can. Hopefully i'll start with green stuff work in this army. I want to make them freshly dead, not skeletons, so lots of guts and gore.

2.) Witch Hunters Counts-As.- Utilizing, the AoBR dread as a long forgotten Word Bearers' Legion Assault Captian turned insane psychic warlord. The Bauhaus infantry as his fantatical Apostles. A converted greater daemon, that is bound in an unholy pact with our dread friend.  dread-Lord Karamazov.  Greater Daemon- St. Celstine.  Bauhaus- Sisters of Battle sqauds of varying type. I orginally wanted to keep this project under wraps but i really wanted to share my excitement so here you go.

Now, this weekend, i got in a 2v2 game 3k a side.

Myself and Soloman  (Knights of Decay and Slanneshi Air Cav) 
Landom and Seneca (Hammers of Vornis and Dark Angels Deathwing - Battle Company mix)

Pics from the battle below. Basically all focusing on my forces in the battle (this is my blog after all)

Early in the game and even up to about mid battle it looked like we would win the day. But the Imperial's Focused our Right flank to an extreme, and towards the waning turns of the fight, the deathwing was able to mop up several understrength squads that were still holding the line there. Our left was a different story, where only a handful of Loyalists were left alive, mostly because of the abundance of traitor forces in that area. 

The Game ended with 11 kill points to 9.  with the Loyalists in the advantage.  Though we had enough strength left at the end to throw in some more punishment and may have turned the tide.

Regardless an awesome game. and with an ending that satisfies fluff, and my need to continue the fight another day.

While i was up at the Gaming Store, i met with Chris from Sippin' On Paint Water who sold me two RT rhinos for the Witch-Hunters Count-As army.   Unfortunately another local gamer wouldn't stop bothering me about purchasing one and i finally relented for the price of lunch and a free Avatar of Khaine.   I also finished another Jetbike.

There you are. 1 giant post for Martian Luther King Jr. Day.    

Thoughts/Comments ?

-Your Favorite Madman-

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Morning Post Session ! 40k-15mm

Alright so its around eleven and a friday, im eating some breakfast, off becuase i don't have any exams to take today, and talking about the hobby. So needless to say im in a good mood !

First off i wanted to address the "St. Lusica" campaign from way back a few months ago. It seems owen's not going to be able to do it with his Tyranids as its set-up for an Imperial v. LATD v. Daemons. his dad also appears to busy.

Now i wanted to know if anyone in my local area would be interested in steping in. I can re-work it to be a 1v1 campaign if thats going to be neccessary.   I quite simply have put alot into the bone work of the campaign and i'd hate to see it fall apart.

That said, i've managed to finish on of the corsair bikes.

And in 15mm news, i've attained a Hungarian Platoon of infantry, FoW in origin, i'll be using them as the Cimmerian Invaders for "The Christmas War" campaign from DROPSHIP HORIZON

A pic of the infantry and the Mechwarrior Mech i'll be converting to fit into the army aswell.

more to come later this weekend. As i go to the game store tommorow.


-Your Favorite Madman-

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Weekend of Carnage, and a Wraithlord.

Hey everyone, so i got the wonderful oppertunity to get 5 games of 40k in this weekend. Some pics are as follows. 

They are :

Knights of Decay vs. Slanneshi Traitor Gaurd: 1500 points/  Clear Victory

Craftworld Vol-Yor vs. Executioners : 1000 points/ Major Defeat

Knights of Decay vs. Executioners: 1000points/ Major Victory   (revenge game lol, sorry Chris)

Pilgrims of Rust vs. Tyranid Hive Fleet: 1000 points/ Major Victory

Knights of Decay vs. Tyranid Hive Fleet: 750 points/ Major Victory

Engagement Against the Traitor IG,  very close, very fun game. The bastion actually ended up exploding and Squad Ismael held the objective at the end of the game. Sadly no pics of that.

Pilgrims against Owen's newly bought Tyranids, the Tau buildings are standing in for Mycetic Spore. A friend of ours Cole, who is 100% new to wargaming in general is commanding the 20 man platoon in the back. I don't believe he plans on getting very big into it, but he seemed to enjoy what he did play and its always nice to spread some influence.  

Tyranids swarm forward at a Mechanized strike force of the Knights of Decay. Owen had some poor rolling against the Defiler, which really hurt his ability to take out the rest of my army, since it was his only synapse creature and its untimely death lead to the lesser creatures on the far side of the board running straight into a dreadlock. He dosen't have many MC's right now, but he's planning on expanding the force to 1850, so we'll see more from this horde.

Tyranids wash over the Knights' Cordon and vicious combat ensues.

So that covers the Weekend of Carnage, and I must say the forces of Chaos made some great advances.   The Eldar learned that attacking an entrenched Space Marine army loaded with long range anti-infantry weapons without utilizing transports is a BAD BAD idea. So tanks are neccessary, but i'm looking for a cheap way to get them right now.

To conclude here's some pics of the Wraithlord

I just remembered, i have a way to make a Sisters army for basically free. more on that next post.

-Your favorite madman-

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus, and The Avatar of Vault-Tech

Hello everyone, Im taking a bit of a break in the Eldar coverage to give you something you might find cool.  Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water answered my call for a "Counts-as army contest" you may remember from back in the summer when my Living World army was in full swing (which has yet to be finished).  Anyway, he sent me an e-mail showing his ideas for an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Strike Force. List Below

Master Magos Biologis Hektor Guttenzol (Coteaz)                                                                                            100 points

Journeyman Magos Biologis Ivanka Straub (Ordo Xenos Inquisitor)
                Plasma Pistol, Rad Grenades                                                                                                                       50 points

Eversore Assassin                                                                                                                                                            130 points

Omicron Six Explorator Team Alpha
                10 Skitarii with hotshot lasguns and carapace armor, Servitor with heavy bolter                  140 points

Omicron Six Explorator Team Beta
                4 Skitarii with hotshot lasguns and carapace armor, Skitarii with flamer and carpace
                armor, servitor                                                                                                                                                  80 points

                                                                                                                                                                TOTAL:                  500 points

Pictures of what he's got below.

I have this WIP of a Ad Mech dread i work on and off on. That i mentioned and felt like showing for the relevance of it.

Also in the back you can sort of see the reavers with their new fins rather than blades. Looking at them, i don't understand why thats not the way they were meant to be in the first place...

Lastly, a pic of my Bobblehead.   +5 to Showing Off .

And behind HIM you can see the last of the eldar reinforcements, the Dire Avengers.

There's that smattering of grease and oil soaked madness and irradiated fun.

If you've got a "counts-as" army you'd like to send, by all means i enjoy seeing it and sharing it with everyone.

Monday, January 2, 2012

WIP's and Fluff !

So i'll kick off the proceedings with some pics, because thats how i roll.

 Picked up even more harlequins for cheap, simply because i love painting them.

The Seer council, which i'm working on right now.  and my Craftworld color scheme.

My rendition on Corsair Jetbikes, or Reavers with Wraithlord weapons and bits added to take some of the "Evil" away.

Wraithlord, with Bright Lance and two flamers,  posed with tender love and care. (I love LOVE this model and want another one) 

The Farseer, head swap.

Craftworld Vol-Yor

            At the time of the Eldar Empire; Vol-Yor was a merchant guild of some renown, they traded in raw materials and were heavily involved in the creation of Eldar psycho-reactive plastics, and Starship construction.  When the pleasure cults began to secure prominence in the empire, the leading members of the guild were disgusted and appalled. They promptly moved the bulk of their operations to the border of Eldar space, and formed their own satellite empire on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy. The birth of Slannesh and the fall of the Eldar still had a profound effect on the population of Vol-Yor, shattering the minds and souls of the majority of the craftworlds military leaders, seers, and killing 25% of its total populace. 

            The forces of Vol-Yor, sat licking their wounds for several centuries, rebuilding the population, and attempting to salvage what they could of the military and seer hierarchy. By the time of the birth of the Imperium and the launching of the great crusades, Craftworld Vol-Yor had reached a degree of its former glory. With their strength returned, the Craftworld went searching for other Eldar survivors, what the scouts of Vol-Yor discovered when they braved the paths of the webway and ventured to the maiden worlds, were planetary crypts. Dead worlds, barren and scarred by the fall of the empire, when this news reached the Craftworld, the populace assumed that they were the last of their species. 

            After much time and strong deliberation by the oldest and most potent leaders of Vol-Yor, the Eldar decided to re-take their empire, world by world. No matter what alien or daemon tried to stop them, the Craftworld was out to avenge the death of a species, and the galaxy would drown in the debt blood. 

            For the next eleven centuries, the Eldar of Vol-Yor waged a tireless war against outlying human and alien worlds all along the Eastern Fringe and up into the Halo Stars. This campaign of vengeance and blood ended when a strike force preparing to attack an Imperial Guard complex on Lucien’s Jump, watched as Eldar clad in black and flying on hover skiffs attack the compound using vicious and twisted weaponry. They stayed back away from the fighting; watching in horror, as the newcomers sadistically tortured the surviving humans before returning through their webway portal with a handful of captives.  Autarch Kellio, immediately sent word of the atrocity, and the Eldar of Vol-Yor, had a new purpose, find the surviving Eldar of the Pleasure Cults and exterminate them all.

            This tragically led to a devastating encounter with Craftworld Il-Kathe, which is the first Craftworld to meet the Eldar of Vol-Yor.  Immediately assuming that these newcomers were of the Pleasure Cults, and wary for their own continued existence. Vol-Yor launched into a full fleet engagement with Il-Kathe, the Craftworlds tore one another apart, but Il-Kathe proved the stronger, overwhelming Vol-Yor’s merchant ships turned war vessels. The remaining ships of Vol-Yor limped away, not to be seen by other Eldar for another three centuries.

            A Harlequin troupe traversing the webway discovered the gate to Vol-Yor, opening it they ventured in. They were immediately greeted by a war host, who swiftly captured the storytellers. The Harlequins told the Vol-Yor, of what the true nature of their people was, and of the grave blunder they had made attacking Il-Kathe.

            The Harlequin’s spread the word of Vol-Yor, a Craftworld so fanatical in its battle against the forces of the Dark-Kin and its attempts at reclaiming the lost Empire, that they had waged mistaken battle against a craftworld three times the size and strength of them. Immediately upon learning the facts, Vol-Yor sent out apologizes and offers of recompense to Il-Kathe. They pledged themselves to Il-Kathe as a subsidiary craftworld, and now fight in many of the same wars. Though they remain partially autonomous, attempting to aggressively reclaim Eldar space, and purge the Dark Kin from existence.

            After the battle with Il-Kathe, Vol-Yor lost many of its military supplies. In that time they became desperate and turned to piracy. What ships they had became dreaded Corsair fleets, and terrorized Imperial shipping lanes, ravaging the humans for supplies and equipment.  Since learning the truth, the Vol-Yor Craftworld has drawn from these fleets, along with the Harlequins which they have formed close bonds with, to back them on the field of battle.

what do you guys think ?