Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What has the Madman been doing?!

Hello gang, you might have noticed a certain...lack of activity.
This has many reasons, primarily to blame is my own laziness however, and i'm going to seek to remedy this.
Below is a selection of shiny pictures to show you what it is exactly that i've been up too over the past couple of weeks/months since the last update, which honestly wasn't much of an update.

Without further ado...

1.)   JD and myself have played several engagements in the Road to Orleans VSF campaign, which i think will be the next post that i will bring to you, as we have gotten all the way to Orleans and the total death toll now is in the Thousands (literally).

Here we have American Colonial Troops and Dragoons fighting in the Massacre that was the City of the Damned.  More to come on that, like i said... next post!  (i swear it'll be soon)

2.) Sculpy!   I've discovered a rather interesting medium to make miniatures with, called Sculpy, that is actually an oven bake clay,  i've been doing some experimenting with it of late,  more to come, as i play with it in as many ways possible and find its uses to a Wargamer. 

3.) 40k !    Yes, there is simply no escaping the grim darkness i'm afraid, i always get pulled right back in...  The minis you see hear are part of a Loyalist Guard Army (i know a strange term around this blog).  That i'm creating to fight Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water's plague pirates. More to come as that progresses further. 

4.) Finally 15mm.
Alot of it,  "The Fabricators" Sons of Thunder are finished, im painting Guuseprians, and minis for "The War in Africa" setting with Chris.  As well as some neat-o terrain boards. 

That's all for now, don't want to overload you.  We are still fighting out the Warhammer map campaign, i've got some GM games of Regimentals, Malifaux, etc  under my belt, and i finished painting all the Blood Angels as well as selling off all my CSM's.   Its been a busy few months of hobby. hopefully i can keep you all better apprised of my comings and goings.

-Your Favorite Madman-