Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Checking In

So, im really crowded with school, play rehearsal, and an approaching SAT.

This dosen't mean that i've not been modelling.

However, i do not have time right now to post ALL of the pics i've accumulated over the past few weeks.


-Tanksgiving  (at which was the CEO of Army Transports, showing off the Mk2. Bags)
-The big reveal of my 6th ed. project, and the Rival army of Rust and the Knights
-Pics of the finished Jacobite Platoon minus basing
-A free greater daemon i picked up, that im trying to refurbish for usage in the service of the dark gods.
-A sorcerer, that i got for the Knights. Who is already well painted and converted. so his backstory is coming. along with shots
-Possible entries for the Pilgrims Minidex
-Redux Background for the Knights of Decay.

so, thats all ready. Just i need the time to drop this motherload of hobby goodness. on the blog here.

So, i need sleep now, as im quite tired.

enjoy wondering what the rival army is. and anything else i've purposfully left mysterious.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Background Redux. Changes in ALL sections.

The Pilgrims of Rust.

            The Pilgrims of Rust is the common name for the forces commanded by Antilo Rust. The Pilgrims of Rust’s core units hail from a planet known as Rall. Its snowy forested conditions made for hearty and well bred infantrymen for the Imperium of Man. Until  one of its chief military leaders, Rust, turned from the Imperium and seized power of the entire planet and later after a series of small scale invasions, the entire system. The various forces that comprise The Pilgrims are listed below.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Battle Report: Scythiak Usurption v. Pilgrims of Rust.

I got to play a game against Jim from Sons of Taurus the otherday. It was great to finally see him up at the hobbytown, since he usually goes on tues. and myself on sat.

Anyway, we decided we'd try and play a game for the "fluff league" and got out our 1000 point traitor armies.  We rolled up a Spearhead/Sieze Ground.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day.

I have gotten a plethora of things done, but rather than show them off. Im going to devote this post to the REAL veterans.

Thanks Guys and Gals !

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mk1. Prototype Arachna-walker (with modifications). +Orcs

Hey, all, i've finally gotten time to post up pics for you're viewing pleasure.

For the base, i was going for ruined manufactorum.

I have no idea why these are so tiny...

So despite random tiny pictures, what are your thoughts on the Dark Mech wierdness? 

and don't forget to check out my fellow tech-savant Chris.  at Sippin' on Paint Water