Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mephiston, (Blood Angels Commission.)

Yes, another post about Blood Angels.

Here we have the only special character model i've ever painted. Mephiston.  The scary god of marine psykers, outside of grey armor.   The picture does absolutely zero justice to the paint job which makes me sad because he came out really quite well.  Regardless you can see that he's painted and thats enough for me.

Next i think i'll try and post something that i'll be holding on to, maybe some 15mm, or start on the Rouge Trader guys, that ought to be the next post.  Following that i'll give you two more entries on the Pilgrims Fandex and that's as far as i plan ahead.  

Cheers Everyone!  

-Your Favorite Madman- 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Blood Angels Commission Update.

Hey all, so i finished "squad 1" of the Blood Angels force i was commissioned to paint.   I think that they look rather good, considering what i was asked to do to them.   All in all a small bit of blogging here. none the less, an important step to VICTORY on the Internets!

* blaring triumphant marching music


                                                     - Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blood Angels Painting Commission.

Hey all, i thought i'd post up a pic of the test mini for a paint commission i got for generic Blood Angels. I think he turned out pretty well, since i was told to do "Tabletop Quality" this is what I've settled on.  In addition to this commission this week is the big conclusion to my "Senior Project" in high school, so I've been preoccupied getting ready for my boards presentation this Thursday.   I hope to have much, much more hobby goodness to provide to you all after that is said and done.   I plan on working on the Rouge Trader crew members and the Nurgle Bikers, as soon as I've finished with these Blood Angels.

Without further ado...

That's all for now.  Hope to get some shots of a local club's charity gamesday, thats happening on Saturday, as well as some more Blood Angels and Pilgrims Fandex stuff, with perhaps a smattering of misc. hobby junk thrown in over the course of the next couple weeks leading up to Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas etc... etc..

                                                              - Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fandex HQ Entries Part 1

Hey all, i know you are all eager for some mini's and what not, but i drew up a couple more sketches for the Fandex, and so i thought that i'd give you their entries in the army list (all i've got so far, other than the fluff mind you).

First up we have.

Lord of the Knights. 

Points: 100 

Ws- 4
Bs- 4
S- 4
T- 5
W- 4
I- 3
A- 3
Ld- 10
Sv- 3+

Equipment: Bolter, Power Maul, Power Armor, Frag & Krak Grenades

Options: Can purchase Wargear from the "Runious Powers" section of the Armory.

Special Rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Feel No Pain 

Arch-Heretic: A Lord of the Knights, may only be taken if an another HQ choice is selected that is not itself a Lord of the Knights or a Special Character.   

Ideological Schism (Ruinous Powers) - Cannot join Secessionist squads or purposely move within 3'' of one. Any Secessionist Infantry unit that flees within 3'' of this unit, immediately suffers a shooting attack from this unit as this unit attempts to purge the "weaker half" of the army.    


Points: 60

Ws- 3
Bs- 3
S- 4
T- 4
W- 2
I- 3
A- 2
Ld- 8
Sv- +3

Equipment:  Warptaint Harness*, Plasma pistol, Power Armor.

Special Rules: Independent Character, Dark Mechanicus 

Warptaint Harness: A daemon possessed servo harness, adds D3 extra attacks to the Heretek, and counts as a Power Sword.  It radiates warp energies and provides a 5+ invulnerable save to the wearer and any models with the "Dark Mechanicus" special rule within 6".  

Black Catechisms: Re-buffs the machine spirit of a damage vehicle with the soul of a tormented captive. If the Heretek is in base contact with a vehicle he can choose to repair one Hull Point, on a D6 roll of 5+ the point is repaired, on a roll of 1, the soul lashes free of its prison, dealing one wound to the Heretek, with armor save allowed.  

Thats all for now folks !

                                           - Your Favorite Madman-

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Pilgrims of Rust Codex (40k Fandex)

Hey all, so a bit ago i started writing my own codex for my Secessionist Chaos  army which you can find the background for up in the oddly convenient "Army Background " tab in the bar right up there.  Anyway, I've gotten back into 40k, and with the new ed being more geared to fluff play more than ever before I am excited to get back to work on that little project.  Here is a bit of what im thinking as far as an outline for what units i'd add in.


- Ground Commander ( similar to IG company command, more geared towards secessionist half of army)
- Apostate  ( Same as above, some differing options, obviously geared towards the Runious Powers half)
- Heretek (Evil Techpriest, some varying mods there)
- Magister of Enforcers (a sort of Lord Commissar)
- Lord of the Knights  (CSM Lord, can only be taken if another of the HQ types is present)


- Martyr Squads (Suicide Bombers from Cyrus, they are insane and deadly if you can get them into CC in one piece, can be either Secessionist or Ruinous Powers)

- Equinox Protectorate ( the die-hard Interior Guard of Rust's army, they are unswerving in their devotion to Rust's vision of a brighter tomorrow, cannot take if more than 50% of the force is Ruinous Powers)

- Host-Vessels  ( Cult members that allowed themselves to be vessels for either Dark Mech experiments or daemons, they can be equipped in a variety of ways, think IG Chosen,  Secessionist troops won't charge into an assault where Host-Vessels are already fighting, nor will they stay within 4" of them at any given time.)

-Chaos Marine Squad -  see CSM dex

Rhinos / Chimeras

Troops.   (a phalanx will work in a similar fashion to an IG platoon.)

-Levy Phalanx (Hap-Hazard Assortment of semi well armed combatants, cheap, horrid morale, can't take Hvy Weapons)

-Ward Phalanx  (Regulars, decently armed, can take Hvy Weapons, probably have wargear for their particular planet)

-Slave Phalanx (POW's, or Captured Civilians, armed horribly, only with CC weapons, no armor T 2 probably, count for 1/2 in KP games and do not count as scoring for objectives)

-Enforcers ( Members of Rust's Interior-Guard that have been sent out across the ranks, to instill the word of a brighter tomorrow, and secretly report the spread of the Cult of Chaos through the Pilgrims, and to stamp it out)

-Heathen ( Particularly maddened Cult member who will send the rest of his attached squad into a blind rage.

Knight of Decay (Chaos Marine, can be taken as a squad leader)


Fast Attack.

Sentinel Squadron ( worse than the IG ones, these are converted Civilian models)

Skorp-yans ( Dark Mechanicus creations that work like Necrons Wraiths with some modifications to make them clunkier and less alien)

Valk/Vendettas - See IG dex

Cyrian Landers-  heavier, slower, more well armored, more transport cap than the Valk. with 2 hvy bolter door gunners.

Heavy Support. 

No Russ variants other than the Basic Russ, Demolisher, and Punisher.

Field Artillery ( rapier laser battery, Heavy Mortars, twin linked autocannons, or Rallen Anti-Tank Cannon.)

Basilisk, Medusa, and Griffon.

Hydras ( limited squadron size + more expensive than the IG dex ones.)

Special Characters. 

Antilo Rust - Leader of the Pilgrims

Lord Balthos - Leader of the Knights of Decay.

(potentially more)

lastly, I've drawn up a few of the Unit types to go into the book as i want original art only in it, so here is some of my modest sketches.

An "Apostate"

The Picture for a Knight of Decay as a Squad Leader

hope you've all enjoyed this!
More painting and minis are coming your way soon

                                                  -your favorite madman-