Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jornath Units: Ork Diggamobz

Summary: Weather through ingesting too many spores, being mentally ill, or pretending for the sake of not being the next slave to become a meal for the resident runtherders.  There are generally small mobz of humans living at the fringes of ork settlement on conquered world,  painted in daub green paint,  acting and fighting in much the same way as their greenskin masters. The Orks call these lunatics ‘Diggas’, though exactly why the term is used seems to be wrapped up in some barbaric mythic tale about a crashed space hulk.   Regardless, in battle Diggas fight in much the same way as their Ork Boy, counterparts, though without the orkish ability to seemingly make a random assortment of pipes, mufflers and cans into functioning weapons, the Diggas typically loot guard weapons, or whatever native kit they can find.  Kunnin’ Ork commanders will typically use the Diggas as scouts, for their small stature and ‘good’ aim.  Though most, use them as chase meat  to lead squigs into the enemy,  or as meat shields for more valuable units.

Diggamob: 40 Points


Force Organization: Troops
Composition:  9 Diggas and a Digganob
Type: Infantry

  • Thwackin’ Sticks
  • Digga Slugga
  • Slave Tunics

  • The entire squad may take Squig Hides……………… 10 pts.
  • May Include up to 15 additional Diggas……………… 3 pts/ model
  • Diggas may exchange their Thwackin’ Sticks
And Digga Slugga for a Dakkapipe………………….. Free
  • The Digganob may take a Bosspole………………….. 5 pts
  • The Digganob may replace his Thwackin stick
With a Git Thumpa ………………………………….. 15 pts.

DIgga Wotz ITz !

Thwackin’ Sticks-  normal close combat weapon

Git Thumpa- Close Combat Weapon.
Strength: +2   AP: 5    Unwieldy

Digga Slugga.
Range: 12’’,     Pistol
Strength:  4 ,     AP: -

Range: 24’’,   Rapid Fire
Strength: 3,    AP: -

Slave Tunics:  Confers a 6+ save

Squig Hide:  Confers a 6+ save and the ‘stealth’ special rule. If every Digga and Digganob in the unit have taken Squig Hide the unit gains the Scout universal special rule.

Bosspole:  If the unit fails a Ld check,  the Digganob may choose to have a Digga (Never Himself) suffer an unsaved wound in order to re-roll the check. The Re-roll is final.   


Monday, November 7, 2016

Jornath 40k: Fires on the Coast

As part of the ongoing Battle for Jornath, and in recognition of the release of Kill team, i modified the 2nd mission in the Assault on Nizajain Isle campaign, to fit into the specifications for kill teams size. 

Prelude:  The port town of Bolasku, could always have been described as important to Jornath, its shipwrights crafted expert naval vessels of all kinds,  and it was a major source of planetary trade, between the merchant guilds.  During the War for Jornath. It became much more than a vital seaside production and trade center, as the city was located inside the decimated stretch of land where the Ork Rokks made planetfall.  Its position, placed its ship crafting facilities, and miles of material warehouses in easy reach of the Ork invaders.  The threat this posed was not lost on the Imperium who stationed the 6th Kula Conservator Cohort,  and 1st Royal Neohuscarl in the city.  Both regiments were slain to a man defending the position in the first 18 hours of the Summer Invasion. With the orks in control of the dockyards, and threat of a breakout in the north a dangerously real possibility the Imperium sends its most elite forces to kill the Mek’s and destroy their workshops in the Dockyards.  

The Raid on Bolasku.

It was not long after the last PDF unit had been overrun that the Meks of Da Magistork, and Urk's Oddz-n-Boberz set to work "modifying" existing Imperial water craft, and building their own rough shod flotsam. The intent was clear to Imperial Command,  the Orks, at least a subset of the central forces that landed, were intending to find their breakout by sailing out of Bolasku. Potentially threatening every continent. A preemptive assault was planned,  to stall the Orks and potentially eliminate some of their leadership, while the whole of the Imperial arsenal could be readied to obliterate this new breakout attempt.   With the White Scars busy in the south,  and the Blood Angels and the Jornathi Special Operations Battalion tied up in the north, the only unengaged Imperial QRF belongs to the Mortifactors under Captain Vorodivio and the Dreadmare Companions, who had only just arrived in-system.  Having decided the time finally required his forces action, Captain Vorodivio struck forth

This Operation would be known as  Furori Alati

Furori Alati, was determined to be tactically inconclusive,  while the Mortifactor assault bought the defenders of Nizajain Island valuable days, it failed to successfully assassinate the Ork Mek Gubbtvurr.

The Straights of Grehazin

The delay bought the Imperial Navy the time it needed to perpare massed flight wings, ranging from marauder bombers, thunderbolts, lightings, retro fitted Aquila landers, and Jornathi Aeroscants out of Altheri Hive,  all brought to bear against the Ork fleet, and the Dockyards at Bolasku. The carnage was tremendous, thousands of Xenos vessels were sent to the sea floor; but through the sheer numbers typical of their race, some aliens still remained despite the losses, and made it into South Western Nizajain's reef structures known as the Straights of Grehazin, allowing the Ork vessels to shelter from Imperial close air support for a time and gather strength.   Knowing this could not be allowed to occur, the Space Marines of the Dreadmare Companions,  and Kill Teams of Imperial Navy Ratings made surgical strikes on board several Ork capital ships, in a bid to cripple the Ork's momentum and begin infighting amongst the alien survivors.

The fighting on board these vessels was close and messy.  Exactly the sort of fighting that Orks thrive in,   but careful tactics and low cunning saw the Imperium victorious on many ships,  though at a dear cost in manpower.  Of the 1300 Navymen deployed to the Straights only 43 returned to Orbit,  and 15 Battle Brothers of the Dreadmare Companions were rated as Epsilon Level casualties.  The Orks had not been stopped everywhere however,  but the surgical strikes had finally balanced the incredible numerical advantage bearing down on the Isle Guards of Nizajain.

It was up to the faith and fire of these brine soaked men to hold the strategically vital Isle against the Greenskin.

Until Next time.

-Your Favorite Madman-