Monday, August 29, 2011

15mm Army Background.

I'd Really like to get some people playing 15mm up at the store, OWEN failed me (only slightly) by changing from this to Steampunk, so not terrible. YAY !  anyway, here is the army background for my 15mm army.

Eisenhorn Conclave

                The Eisenhorn Conclave, was originally a political group founded by Professor Thaddeus Eisenhorn, in the Outer rim colonies. Its message was one of humanity ascendant, and as more began to fall under the Conclaves sway, it started taking more radical ideology. Several months after the boon of membership started, a string of terror attacks on key Human and Alien political buildings took place, radical Conclave members taking full responsibility. Peacekeepers from several local races were deployed to maintain order, including human military forces. The colonists took this as a sign of oppression and immediately overran the Terran operations centers on their respective planets, stealing as much weaponry as possible and murdering the “traitors” they found there. Armed with military grade equipment, the Conclave assaulted alien strongpoints across the system. After “liberation day” or the day which the last alien fortress was destroyed, the Conclave issued a proclamation of formal succession to the earth government. This greatly angered many other human colonies, who very much cherished their homeworld and could not understand why anyone would try and abandon it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mechanified Infantry for the Queen !

a Steampunk Update-

I finished a unit of "mechanified infantry" today after school.

They are "boiler knights" as i think it fits them well.

The unit name is the 1st Queens Royal Mechanified Lancers or the "Metal Dragoons"

So there they are, fresh from the factory floor, and ready to put the fear of England into any enemy.

as a side note, i'm experimenting on my camera, is the image better ?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

15mm Earth Defence Force Platoon, and sketches.

So, the other day i decided to take initative of some time and i cleaned my desk. Then i remember i never showed you my 5150 troops. So here is the infantry platoon.

Overall shot, the platoon cost me 10 dollars (I LOVE LOVE LOVE 15mm because of that)

Fireteam "Crimson" are the anti-armor team

Fireteam "Bone" basic rifleman squad

Lt Vars' Command Team

Fireteam "Hellfire" has the platoon flamethrower (last man on the right)
Recon Squad "Ghost", is the platoon sniper team and forward observation team. (they also suffer the most from my cameras hate of paintjobs)

Size comparison.

*in this space aaron curses his camera for being the bane of his painting exsistence

Next i thought maybe you'd be interested in seeing some drawings i've done.

some experimental drawings for a Webcomic i might put up here

A Faire sitting on the branch of a tree.

Well thats all the random junk i have to post for now.


+++Transmission Ends+++

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tau Colony

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates recently guys. 
Basically i've been planning out a campiegn with Owen (Tau) and his dad (Daemons)

main idea is that it will tak place on a Tau colony world toward the outskirts of the Thrid Sphere
Since GW has made it impossible for me to simply buy Tau terrian. I decided i'd go ahead and make some today.

Below is 1st the pictures just after spray painting. and after is with details added. All told it prob. only took about 30 minutes for everything. i think they look effective for a bunch of garbage i found.

The two dome topped towers will be bastions or normal intact buildings, the large gun toting one is a bastion with a quad gun. and the landing pad is (obviously) a landing pad.

I have the ability to easily create the towers in MASSIVE abundance. but i am going to leave further construction for the colony to Owen, though i am highly tempted to make a Tau indomitable fortress.

I think its also worth mentioning that they are very tall as i always pictured Tau buildings would be.

More on the Campiegn soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aliens in 40k encyclopedia

Last night while i was talking to Owen about what he could do for Auxiliaries for his Tau army, i thought i'd go find some pics of Umbra etc. While doing this is found a very cool and useful list someone has made of EVERY mentioned Xenos race in the game, if the name was said in any bit of lore anywhere he's put it down.

Also, in resonse to Chris's wanting drills for Power Fists... I agree, i was thinking taking screws and filing them etc. to get a desired effect.

Monday, August 1, 2011

First Squats done.

Well, i was able to finish the Interragator Chaplain on a bike, a squad of ravenwing bikers, the dreadnaught, and a lone termi which will be a librarian or a company master until i get more termies done.

Pics of all the various bikers this last one is the Chaplin.

The Termi and the Dread, the camera as usual makes me look like a terrible painter.