Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aliens in 40k encyclopedia

Last night while i was talking to Owen about what he could do for Auxiliaries for his Tau army, i thought i'd go find some pics of Umbra etc. While doing this is found a very cool and useful list someone has made of EVERY mentioned Xenos race in the game, if the name was said in any bit of lore anywhere he's put it down.

Also, in resonse to Chris's wanting drills for Power Fists... I agree, i was thinking taking screws and filing them etc. to get a desired effect.


  1. Screws sound like an awesome idea, I hadn't considered them but it would be a fast cheap way to add them.

  2. You can get plastic screws, don't fool around with metal ones!

    Also can find info on the various aliens (and other stuff) at the Lexicanum


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