Friday, January 6, 2017

Jornath: A Jarl's Defiance and Other Tales

Col. Reynolds 2nd Jornathi Advisory Battalion. Report of Actions.
Under guidance of The Mortifactors Command staff, as well as suggestions from Tactica Command Ultramar.
Guffmans Platz Army Group has begun Operation: Remits Maw. The operation would be spearheaded by Jarl Mondrix, freshly out of hospital, and newly awarded the Crux Dominus Centurion. The Operation would be targeting the largest concentration of Orks in the Ctre Valley, north of the Firebase position.
While initial engagements went well, the nature of the terrain and the tendency for the Blood Axe Clan of Orks towards ambush has meant that resupplying forward units has become difficult and large sections of the task force are being surrounded and cut off from reinforcement.
Mondrix's force is currently pinned down and surrounded by the Xenos, and while they have slaughtered all the aliens that have assailed their location, they have taken multiple losses, and their supplies run low. Their situation is relatively indicative of most units involved in the operation,
While it would be suitable for us to allow the Orks to waste themselves on our guns, The heavy fighting is attracting massive migrations of Ork Warriors southwards from their crash site.
I will send a mission dockett soon with taskings for any local Imperial forces, that will allow us to have an easier time effecting a breakout.

Outcome: While the battle escalated quickly, and Orks got very close many times to overrunning the Guard units, the Xenos were foruntately repulsed as they approached,  despite losing both Sentinels, and dozens of men, the heavy weapons and officers of the Company, especially Jarl Mondix, proved essential to victory. allowing for the unit to successfully withdraw south.  

Captian Tömörbaatar, 2nd Company initial report of the situation on Jornath.

Reports of the Blood Axes attacking a nearby power generator grid had me leading a small dispatch to investigate and engage is necessary. Only myself returned unharmed. The aggression of Orks here is escalating, reinforcements are greatly needed.

Outcome: A battle I did not personally participate in, but one in which no other Jornath bloggers were present, that happened around the same time as the above engagement.  This saw a tactical squad and captain from the White Scars 2nd company, tangling with Blood Axes in a combat patrol situation, as part of the actions to draw off Orks swarming the Imperial troops in the Ctre Valley.   The marines were beaten down heavily. and forced to withdraw.

Lastly, we have an engagement that IS document on another Jornathi Bloggers site, so i'll drop you a few pictures, and a link. All these engagements occurred late may, early June of last year.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Jornath: The Raid on Valeri Pesh.

Col. Reynolds 2nd Jornathi Advisory Battalion. Report of Actions.
Operation Remits Maw, is a total failure, many units are now under strength, totally wiped out, or still stranded and cut off in the Ctre Valley. While in many locations the Blood Axes have withdrawn into the mountain caves, and mine shafts, leaving bloody ragged columns to withdraw back to Fort Bheras [Munitorum Designation H-906]. The various Deffskullz that were drawn into the fighting from the Valeri Pesch Refinery Complex, have had no such convictions about ambushing and feints, In order to allow the some 5,000 Imperial Guardsmen still locked in fighting on the right flank of Remits Maw's advance column, to withdraw south, A tactical squad and two terminators of the Dreadmare Companions Chapter were deployed into the heart of the Ork held Refinery to obliterate the Deffskullz command structure.
They were very successful, suffering only 2 casualties, both of whom are now stable, while the Ork dead are in their hundreds.
*MISSION: Special Forces Raid #1 Assassination- Operation Remits Maw Missions.
*Outcome: Significant Imperial Victory, Ork Command Structure damaged. No ground taken. Team extracted via Storm Raven after HVT elimination, due to swarming Xenos activity at Operations site.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Jornath: Operation Remits Maw Overview

Summary: Guffmans Platz Defense Cohorts, as well as units from Merchants Houses, and local Huscarls, push into the mountain passes north of the city, in an attempt to purge the Blood Axes under the direction of Warboss Krump, and the Deffskullz, lead by Kolonel Grimmskull out of the highlands. the Offensive was preceded with 8 companies of the Jornathii Ork Hunters scouting out Xenos strongpoints and guiding Mechanized Infantry and Armored assets into these targets. The situation quickly gets out of control, the scope of the operation proves difficult for the inexperienced Jornathi field commanders to coordinate on their own. The nature of the Blood Axes, counters the typical Imperial dogma concerning the Orks, and many units are ambushed by Ork Kommandos and eradicated, The Influx of Imperial troops excites the Greenskin tribes, all across the northern theatre, and soon the mountains are dotted with scattered Imperial units, fighting ever increasing numbers of Ork infantry, as their ammunition supplies dwindle. Guffmans Platz command fully underestimates the difficulties of resupplying the troops in the mountains, they had expected the Orks to rush headlong at well disciplined columns of Chimera and Leman Russ', the reality was that the greenskins had outmaneuvered them completely. None of the officers wanted to be the ones to admit the depth of the mistake and order the withdraw, so instead PDF units lingered, without solid directions or objectives for 3 full days, until Planetary command, ordered the Offensives' end, at which point JSOB (Jornathii Special Operations Battalion) and Astartes Units needed to be moved in, to draw the Ork troop concentrations away from the besieged Imperial Guardsmen.



  1. Harrass Reinforcements - Orks Flood In for the Kill, these units must be stopped, elsewise the Imperial Guard risk being flooded beneath greenskins
  2. Special Forces Raid- Take command of a deep insertion team, and neutralize Ork assets to allow the besieged guard some breathing room.
  3. Diversionary Strikes- Orks crave battle of any kind, preferably the closer the better,  striking at the sides of Ork clusters should draw off warriors from the assault on the Imperial Guard.


Harrass Reinforcements  

POINTS: 300 -  1000 - Imperial
    as Imperial + 150 in Boyz  - Orks

Mission:  Kill Points


Troops: 1 VP
HQ: 3 VP
Heavy Support: 2 VP
Elite: 2 VP
Fast  Attack: 1 VP


Imperial Victory:   Orks lose 50 points in the next game played against the Imperial Guard, and must re-roll sucessful reserve rolls

Ork Victory:  Gain 75 points of Boyz, in next game played against the Imperial Guard.

Special Forces Raid.

Imperium-  200 - 300 points. Chosen exclusively from Elites, Troops or Fast Attacks.  All units MUST have a Toughness value, and cannot have an invulnerable save or a armor save of 2+ .   These units do not have to obey restrictions of any kind,  ie.  2 Tactical Marines, 4 scouts,  2 bikers. Etc.

Orks-  5x 3 man Boyz Sentries,    20 Boyz and 5 Nobz held in reserve until scenario conditions are met.

MISSION:  Roll d3 below

1-2 Assassinate-  An Ork Nob of a minor tribe is in this area,  he will be located centrally, and may not be moved until the sentries are ACTIVE!    The Imperium will win if the Nob is dead at the end of turn 5,  If he survives, past this, or the Special Forces team is destroyed, then the Orks will win. The Nob may be no more than 50 points.

3-4 Precision Strike- Infiltrate the center of an ‘’ Orky Fort’’, plant and defend a beacon so that the Navy can flatten the camp using precision strikes.   The Special Forces unit must plant a beacon in the exact center of the table. This is done by moving to that location and remaining stationary for 1 turn. This now counts as an objective, the Imperium must hold this objective uncontested for 2 consecutive turns to claim victory.  (Bonus points if the SF  Team makes it off the table)

4-5 Purgation - An Ork Artillery Position is pinning down units,  scuttle the guns’ ammo stores and slay all the Xenos that you find. Turn the location into a pyre of dead aliens!  3 Ammo Dumps(Armor 11 with 2 Hull Points)  are placed by the Ork Player,   the Imperium must attempt to destroy at least 2 of these dumps before turn 6.  Ork Player is allowed to place all ammo dumps.


Sentries: Sentries are units that are not expecting to be in combat, but are still equipped to fight.  They have two states ‘passive.’  and ACTIVE!.   They will always start the scenario in passive this means that the controlling player will not have direct control of their movements. Sentries are placed anywhere on the board that the controlling player wishes.  In the controlling player's’ movement phase they will roll a scatter die for each sentry unit.  This is the direction and facing for the unit.  They will move 6’’ in that direction, on a ‘hit’ the unit may move in any way the controlling player wishes. In order to become ACTIVE! The unit must have true line of sight from a sentry to an opposing model or if a ranged weapon is used within 36’’. This is why facing for sentries is vital, as the LoS for activation is dependant on the facing of the miniature.  ACTIVE! Sentries move and fight as normal, moving, running, charing etc as in normal games.

Response Forces: If the special forces are spotted, or if more than 3 of the sentries teams have been killed, the Ork troops being held in reserve will be deployed from any table edge of the controlling player's choice.   To simulate the escalating stakes of the mission, you may want to recycle fallen Ork Boyz into new mobs to keep the pressure up on the Special Forces team.


Assassinate-  If the Ork Nob is still alive at the end of the scenario, then the Orks will gain a 250 point detachment lead by the same nob in the next battle they fight Imperial Guard.    If the Imperium is successful,  the Imperial Guard, will gain 2 sections of free Agis Defense Line with Autocannon turret for free.

Precision Strike- If the Special Forces team is successful in destroying the Ork settlement, all Ork Leadership statistics are lowered by 1, in the next game they fight Imperial Guard, and all Ork Reserve rolls remain at a 6+ for the entire game. If the Orks are successful, in stopping the humans, they will gain a free 10 man unit of Boyz in ‘eavy armor, in their next game.
Purgation- If th special forces team is successful,  the Imperial Guard will gain 2 Agis Defence lines and an autocannon turret in their next game. If the Orks are successful, they will gain a 2 use round of shooting, from an off board unit of  3 Lobba’s .  



MISSION:  3 Objectives.  

1 in each deployment
1 in the middle of the table.

Length of 6 turns.

Effects:  If the Imperial Forces are able to secure the field. Then the Imperial guard player may select  1 Ork unit, and force it to make a Ld test, if it fails the unit will take no part in the game, as it has been drawn off to a different battle.
If the Orks are successful,  then the Imperial Guard player will remove D6 guardsmen from every Infantry unit larger than 20 men,  and d3 from every unit of 10 or more.