[40k] Jornath Posts

Below is a list of the many posts, from the War for Jornath living setting, which details an extensive conflict in the Warhammer 40,000 universe on the Imperial World of Jornath, where Orks and Humans battle for supremacy. Some are posts from external blogs, some from this one, but all pertain to this setting.   The articles are arranged here in chronological order, in accordance with the setting.


Periculo Missionem  [External]

History of Jornath  [External]

Location Profile: Kula Hive
Location Profile: Guffmans-Platz

Unit Profile: Kula Conservator Cohort

Formation: Minerboyz

Formation: Ork Hunters

Unit: Diggamobz


Battle of the Ctre Valley Firebase

Operation: Remits Maw

      Raid on Valeri Pesh
      Battle of A Jarl's Defiance
      Road Rage [External]
      Da Scent of Angels [External]

The Summer Invasion

       Battles in the North
       The Assault on Nizajain Isle
       Fires on the Coast
       Furori Alati [External]

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