Friday, January 6, 2017

Jornath: A Jarl's Defiance and Other Tales

Col. Reynolds 2nd Jornathi Advisory Battalion. Report of Actions.
Under guidance of The Mortifactors Command staff, as well as suggestions from Tactica Command Ultramar.
Guffmans Platz Army Group has begun Operation: Remits Maw. The operation would be spearheaded by Jarl Mondrix, freshly out of hospital, and newly awarded the Crux Dominus Centurion. The Operation would be targeting the largest concentration of Orks in the Ctre Valley, north of the Firebase position.
While initial engagements went well, the nature of the terrain and the tendency for the Blood Axe Clan of Orks towards ambush has meant that resupplying forward units has become difficult and large sections of the task force are being surrounded and cut off from reinforcement.
Mondrix's force is currently pinned down and surrounded by the Xenos, and while they have slaughtered all the aliens that have assailed their location, they have taken multiple losses, and their supplies run low. Their situation is relatively indicative of most units involved in the operation,
While it would be suitable for us to allow the Orks to waste themselves on our guns, The heavy fighting is attracting massive migrations of Ork Warriors southwards from their crash site.
I will send a mission dockett soon with taskings for any local Imperial forces, that will allow us to have an easier time effecting a breakout.

Outcome: While the battle escalated quickly, and Orks got very close many times to overrunning the Guard units, the Xenos were foruntately repulsed as they approached,  despite losing both Sentinels, and dozens of men, the heavy weapons and officers of the Company, especially Jarl Mondix, proved essential to victory. allowing for the unit to successfully withdraw south.  

Captian Tömörbaatar, 2nd Company initial report of the situation on Jornath.

Reports of the Blood Axes attacking a nearby power generator grid had me leading a small dispatch to investigate and engage is necessary. Only myself returned unharmed. The aggression of Orks here is escalating, reinforcements are greatly needed.

Outcome: A battle I did not personally participate in, but one in which no other Jornath bloggers were present, that happened around the same time as the above engagement.  This saw a tactical squad and captain from the White Scars 2nd company, tangling with Blood Axes in a combat patrol situation, as part of the actions to draw off Orks swarming the Imperial troops in the Ctre Valley.   The marines were beaten down heavily. and forced to withdraw.

Lastly, we have an engagement that IS document on another Jornathi Bloggers site, so i'll drop you a few pictures, and a link. All these engagements occurred late may, early June of last year.

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