Monday, May 30, 2011

Pilgrims of Rust Total Army List

Army List for The Pilgrims of Rust.

utilizing Codex Imperial Guard, Codex Necrons, and Codex Eldar.

Arch Heretic Antilo Rust’s Command Squad. (Straken w/ Company Command) : 195

-          Regimental Standard, Medic, Vox,

Rallen 14th Platoon 1.

            Platoon Command: Vox, Melta Bombs, Bolt Pistol, Platoon Standard.: 57

            Combined Squad: 4 Vox, 4 Grenade Launchers, Commisar w/ PW. : 325

            Platoon 1 Heavy Bolter Team: 75

            Platoon 1 Mortar Team: 60

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Pilgrims of Rust.

            The Pilgrims of Rust is the common name for the forces commanded by Former Lord Commander, Antilo Rust.  The Pilgrims of Rust’s core units hail from a planet known as Rall. Its snowy forested conditions made for hearty and well bred infantrymen for the Imperium of Man. Until its chief military leader, Rust, turned from the Imperium and seized power of the entire planet and later after a series of small scale invasions, the entire system. The various forces that comprise The Pilgrims are listed below.

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