Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mephiston, (Blood Angels Commission.)

Yes, another post about Blood Angels.

Here we have the only special character model i've ever painted. Mephiston.  The scary god of marine psykers, outside of grey armor.   The picture does absolutely zero justice to the paint job which makes me sad because he came out really quite well.  Regardless you can see that he's painted and thats enough for me.

Next i think i'll try and post something that i'll be holding on to, maybe some 15mm, or start on the Rouge Trader guys, that ought to be the next post.  Following that i'll give you two more entries on the Pilgrims Fandex and that's as far as i plan ahead.  

Cheers Everyone!  

-Your Favorite Madman- 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Blood Angels Commission Update.

Hey all, so i finished "squad 1" of the Blood Angels force i was commissioned to paint.   I think that they look rather good, considering what i was asked to do to them.   All in all a small bit of blogging here. none the less, an important step to VICTORY on the Internets!

* blaring triumphant marching music


                                                     - Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blood Angels Painting Commission.

Hey all, i thought i'd post up a pic of the test mini for a paint commission i got for generic Blood Angels. I think he turned out pretty well, since i was told to do "Tabletop Quality" this is what I've settled on.  In addition to this commission this week is the big conclusion to my "Senior Project" in high school, so I've been preoccupied getting ready for my boards presentation this Thursday.   I hope to have much, much more hobby goodness to provide to you all after that is said and done.   I plan on working on the Rouge Trader crew members and the Nurgle Bikers, as soon as I've finished with these Blood Angels.

Without further ado...

That's all for now.  Hope to get some shots of a local club's charity gamesday, thats happening on Saturday, as well as some more Blood Angels and Pilgrims Fandex stuff, with perhaps a smattering of misc. hobby junk thrown in over the course of the next couple weeks leading up to Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas etc... etc..

                                                              - Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fandex HQ Entries Part 1

Hey all, i know you are all eager for some mini's and what not, but i drew up a couple more sketches for the Fandex, and so i thought that i'd give you their entries in the army list (all i've got so far, other than the fluff mind you).

First up we have.

Lord of the Knights. 

Points: 100 

Ws- 4
Bs- 4
S- 4
T- 5
W- 4
I- 3
A- 3
Ld- 10
Sv- 3+

Equipment: Bolter, Power Maul, Power Armor, Frag & Krak Grenades

Options: Can purchase Wargear from the "Runious Powers" section of the Armory.

Special Rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Feel No Pain 

Arch-Heretic: A Lord of the Knights, may only be taken if an another HQ choice is selected that is not itself a Lord of the Knights or a Special Character.   

Ideological Schism (Ruinous Powers) - Cannot join Secessionist squads or purposely move within 3'' of one. Any Secessionist Infantry unit that flees within 3'' of this unit, immediately suffers a shooting attack from this unit as this unit attempts to purge the "weaker half" of the army.    


Points: 60

Ws- 3
Bs- 3
S- 4
T- 4
W- 2
I- 3
A- 2
Ld- 8
Sv- +3

Equipment:  Warptaint Harness*, Plasma pistol, Power Armor.

Special Rules: Independent Character, Dark Mechanicus 

Warptaint Harness: A daemon possessed servo harness, adds D3 extra attacks to the Heretek, and counts as a Power Sword.  It radiates warp energies and provides a 5+ invulnerable save to the wearer and any models with the "Dark Mechanicus" special rule within 6".  

Black Catechisms: Re-buffs the machine spirit of a damage vehicle with the soul of a tormented captive. If the Heretek is in base contact with a vehicle he can choose to repair one Hull Point, on a D6 roll of 5+ the point is repaired, on a roll of 1, the soul lashes free of its prison, dealing one wound to the Heretek, with armor save allowed.  

Thats all for now folks !

                                           - Your Favorite Madman-

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Pilgrims of Rust Codex (40k Fandex)

Hey all, so a bit ago i started writing my own codex for my Secessionist Chaos  army which you can find the background for up in the oddly convenient "Army Background " tab in the bar right up there.  Anyway, I've gotten back into 40k, and with the new ed being more geared to fluff play more than ever before I am excited to get back to work on that little project.  Here is a bit of what im thinking as far as an outline for what units i'd add in.


- Ground Commander ( similar to IG company command, more geared towards secessionist half of army)
- Apostate  ( Same as above, some differing options, obviously geared towards the Runious Powers half)
- Heretek (Evil Techpriest, some varying mods there)
- Magister of Enforcers (a sort of Lord Commissar)
- Lord of the Knights  (CSM Lord, can only be taken if another of the HQ types is present)


- Martyr Squads (Suicide Bombers from Cyrus, they are insane and deadly if you can get them into CC in one piece, can be either Secessionist or Ruinous Powers)

- Equinox Protectorate ( the die-hard Interior Guard of Rust's army, they are unswerving in their devotion to Rust's vision of a brighter tomorrow, cannot take if more than 50% of the force is Ruinous Powers)

- Host-Vessels  ( Cult members that allowed themselves to be vessels for either Dark Mech experiments or daemons, they can be equipped in a variety of ways, think IG Chosen,  Secessionist troops won't charge into an assault where Host-Vessels are already fighting, nor will they stay within 4" of them at any given time.)

-Chaos Marine Squad -  see CSM dex

Rhinos / Chimeras

Troops.   (a phalanx will work in a similar fashion to an IG platoon.)

-Levy Phalanx (Hap-Hazard Assortment of semi well armed combatants, cheap, horrid morale, can't take Hvy Weapons)

-Ward Phalanx  (Regulars, decently armed, can take Hvy Weapons, probably have wargear for their particular planet)

-Slave Phalanx (POW's, or Captured Civilians, armed horribly, only with CC weapons, no armor T 2 probably, count for 1/2 in KP games and do not count as scoring for objectives)

-Enforcers ( Members of Rust's Interior-Guard that have been sent out across the ranks, to instill the word of a brighter tomorrow, and secretly report the spread of the Cult of Chaos through the Pilgrims, and to stamp it out)

-Heathen ( Particularly maddened Cult member who will send the rest of his attached squad into a blind rage.

Knight of Decay (Chaos Marine, can be taken as a squad leader)


Fast Attack.

Sentinel Squadron ( worse than the IG ones, these are converted Civilian models)

Skorp-yans ( Dark Mechanicus creations that work like Necrons Wraiths with some modifications to make them clunkier and less alien)

Valk/Vendettas - See IG dex

Cyrian Landers-  heavier, slower, more well armored, more transport cap than the Valk. with 2 hvy bolter door gunners.

Heavy Support. 

No Russ variants other than the Basic Russ, Demolisher, and Punisher.

Field Artillery ( rapier laser battery, Heavy Mortars, twin linked autocannons, or Rallen Anti-Tank Cannon.)

Basilisk, Medusa, and Griffon.

Hydras ( limited squadron size + more expensive than the IG dex ones.)

Special Characters. 

Antilo Rust - Leader of the Pilgrims

Lord Balthos - Leader of the Knights of Decay.

(potentially more)

lastly, I've drawn up a few of the Unit types to go into the book as i want original art only in it, so here is some of my modest sketches.

An "Apostate"

The Picture for a Knight of Decay as a Squad Leader

hope you've all enjoyed this!
More painting and minis are coming your way soon

                                                  -your favorite madman-

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Plague Riders of Rodentia.

Hey all,  I've broken down and decided to actual add a unit to one of my existing real 40k armies!   who'd have thought it eh ?     Anyway, we have below a CSM Nurgle Biker Unit for addition into my "Knights of Decay"     they come from a group of Renegade White Scar's  who have made their home on a daemon infested void whale/ space hulk called Rodentia.  The unfortunate creature seems to have been fused to the ship as part of warp energies and its organs now serve as part of the ships internal structure.  It's a disturbing and vile thing, swarming with Nurgle daemons, plague zombies, and other servants of the god of plagues.

Without any further ado...

why yes, that champion IS fused to his bike and YES those rats are coming from inside his body... why?

Now i've got a decent amount of stuff to Prime so that will be happening probably tomorrow afternoon. and i'll sit down to start painting the Rouge Trader Crew and these "wonderful"  little tykes and their bikes.

That's all for now folks !

                                                         -Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "Shore" Party.

Hey All,  i've built up the remainder of the State Troops Box into Rouge Trader crewmen.  Last post i told you about First Mate Ross, the leader of the shore party.

Next up we have.  Mr. Gregory MacHallan, and Lucy Oraphell,  who make up the sniper team that act as the teams support and scout element.   They grew up together in the Forest world of Nemessa.  Seeking more adventure than hunting and skinning game for export to the wider Imperium the pair hitched a ride to the local system market/bazaar, and found the Rouge Trader and his crew docked there. Seeing an opportunity they came aboard.

Next up, we have Sire Kobel, and his sworn bodyguard/pack mule/butler  Lucien Tranh.  Kobel is known far and wide as a marvelous hunter of big game, and his antique rifle is purported to have brought down a Squiggoth, a Frost Onivore,  and a wild giant Grox.   Though these claims are possibly less than truthful.  He formerly was a Hive Noble on Armageddon, but the war persuaded him to change scenery and go adventuring.       I figure this pair works together like a Pavise Crossbow troop with the large shield in front, and the gun propped on top.    ( the ork arm is going to have green stuff gore coming off it)

Finally we have Squad 54-D  of Company A of the 165th Davidspeak or "The Feather Caps", and their inspirational leader Corporal LeChance.   They are the last remnants of their regiment of 3,000 which was tasked with establishing a beach head on the traitor held world of Erasmus IV during the Sabbat Worlds crusade.  Horrified at the callous waste of their lives, their company fled towards the planetary space port, after ambush, after ambush the company numbered only 8 men,  who then stole an Arvus lander, and using contacts in the munitorum and command, were able to desert and flee to a orbital, where they were picked up by our Rouge Trader, who was keen to get more combat experienced personnel on his ship. 

and finally a group shot!

thats all for now folks!

-Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rouge Trader/ Inquisitorial Warband Sgt.

Hey all, I got a box of state troops today, partly because i thought i might add them to the Empire army, but partly because i have been wanting to do an Inquisitorial group or Rouge Trader something or another for quite some time.  Deciding i had more than enough state troops to shake an Orc at, i went the Sci-Fi route.

Here we have First Mate Ross,  a man who escaped an almost certain life of war in the Imperial Guard on his homeworld of Cadia, by taking advantage of a chance encounter with the Rouge Trader Vladimir Harsh. He quickly made himself a powerful asset to Harsh's crew with his indoctrinated knowledge of Combat Tactics, lasgun repair, and squad command, that he ascertained from his childhood on Cadia.  Currently, Ross leads a life that many in the Imperium can only dream of, exploring ancient ruins, conversing with aliens of various sorts, and discovering the mysteries of the universe.

Ross is armed with a sword that he pulled out of a Vega'tax Wold Stone on a world in "The Shroud" a portion of Imperial space that has yet to be officially charted.  As a result he is currently the most wanted alien in the Vega'tax empire and has had to kill many of the hideous beings in his time with the crew.

Despite being a highly targeted individual, his captain hasn't kicked him off the "Astral Wraith" yet, because after all, travelling in the void can get dull,  and a Vega'tax boarding party livens the crew up a bit !

that all for now folks !  more on the rest of the crew to come later.

  -Your Favorite Madman-

Saturday, November 24, 2012

15mm Necromunda Board & 40k Misc Figs

Hey all,  I've been hard at work on a variety of different things, which i'll post up on a daily basis, that span from a Warhammer Fantasy project, 15mm teams, and a variety of 28mm sci-fi/post apoc games.

First up we have my current progress on the tiny underhive.  I feel that it need more multi-level buildings and catwalks so i'll get to work on that straight off.

A closer image of "the pump station"  which stands 7.5 inches tall and i feel is currently the most detailed thing on the board. 

The term "Underhive Jr." happened to spring up while talking about this project and so one thing lead to another and then you get a grim-dark children's show... which I've been told needs to be a web comic. 

Next up we have a misc renegade type guy, who i think might make a good Rouge Trader Crewman or Underhive Ganger. 

and Finally we have some additions to yet another faction in the ever expanding background that is " The Saga of Roam" aka. the Nuclear Renaissance Campaign.  They are green stuffed Night Goblins, more on what/who/why they are at a later point.  

That's all for now !

-Your Favorite Madman-

Friday, November 23, 2012

The War of Saints and Kings. (Another Wargames Setting)

Hey all, I wrote this setting, based off a campaign fluff of my own creation that I've been playing in Napoleon :Total War (which is a very good game, and i recommend it)  on my phone today while waiting in lines on Black Friday.  Im thinking of using the Black Powder ruleset for it which are produced by Warlord Games. Its obviously a bit of Alternate History,  and is roughly inspired by "A Very British Civil War" . All that said, i hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

After successfully defeating and killing Napoleon at the Battle of Dover, the Coalition went to work dividing the vast tracts of the former French Empire, which by this point (1845)   spanned from the southernmost tip of Italy, to the border with Denmark in the Far North.  The British opted to take control over the Italian and southern European territories, to offer good ports and way stations to mercantile fleets headed to colonies in Africa and India.    The King  appoints his cousin  Sir Edmund Vincent as governor of the region, assured that he will honor his wishes.    Edmund however has aspirations of glory, and is far from contented with just Italy,  he is set on all of England.     Two decades after Napoleons death, and Italy has become far less anglicized than had been hoped.   With the bulk of the population pushing for separation from England rather than total absorption into it.   The original plan,  to make Italy highly favorable to natural born English citizens to get them to integrate the two societies had failed.  In no small part due to Edmund's secretly resisting the migration of British citizens into his cities.    Worried about an open rebellion, the King sends an army group to Italy, as a sign of good faith to Edmund. Italians see this as a forced occupation by a foreign power and become even more riotous and angry.    Their nerves are soothed over shortly however when Edmund converts to the Catholic Church, and moves partial control of Italy to a puppet government, consisting of The Pope ( loyal to Edmund  after his conversion and significant financial "donation") ,  an Italian General, and a group of Governors, all under Edmund's payroll.  With the Italians swooned to his cause, Edmund sets to work on the army group,  throwing lavish parties for the officer corps at the Italian peoples expense, and getting many of them pretty Italian consorts and some even gained wives. In a years time it becomes evident to most in Italy that the Army Group is more loyal to Sir Edmund than the King.  
Finally catching wind of Edmund's actions from some concerned Officers and in-country loyal citizens, the King heads an army to Italy, in a show of force to get Edmund to back down from his traitorous actions.  The Kings army  sets down on Sicily,  from there they actively begin to fortify the island and blockade Italian ports.  Before any kind of battle is joined, the King sends a pleading letter to his cousin to relinquish his position and come back to England with him.   The response was bold.  The next day, Edmund declared himself (with the support of the pope) a living saint and rightful ruler of Italy.   No further words needed to be said,  The King set his forces on the march from southern Italy to Rome,  where "Saint Edmund" had made his capital.    

Edmund's army consists of some 700,000 Italians, and 300,000 English. With anywhere from 100-250,000 militia able to be raised from religious pilgrims, farmers, and other citizens.

The King's Army consists of 800,000 Regular English Army.   200,000  Colonial Troops from India, Natal, and Zululand.   And a possible force of 8,000- 15,000 militia loyal to the English Crown.

                                                           -Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Occulus Six

Hey all, ive been wanting to paint a small team of Mercs for a bit now, to have as a bit of a novelty, for big games where i need an extra unit, or for skirmishes where i want to mix it up, so i finally did.   We have GZG alien mercs, and a NI trooper i believe, and some rebel post apoc survivors.  Together they make the Romanian/Russian/Durgite team of pirates and cut throats known as the Occulus Six.  

We have...

Back row:
 "The Power Armor" Gregor Siegfield
" The Explosives". Moog Ventatos
" The Muscle". Zull Krupmen
" The Infiltrator". Myna Vanderlinsk

Front Row:
 " The Leader/ Pilot". Alexis Gorbinovsk
" The Engineer/Techist" Ivan Romanov

I hope to get these guys a Dropship or something, either made or bought in the next few months, after i've finished with the Underhive project,  which is going quite well.  More on that next post.

That's all for not you lot!

-Your Favorite Madman-

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Story of Dark Vengi: The Opening Chapter

Hey all, i finally got to play the first part of the Nuclear Renaissance Campaign against Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water the other day.

The Scene unfolds in the vicinity of a Church of the Blinding Dawn mission house on the outskirts of Roam.   The Sanctum Guard had reached the post early the previous night, and instructing the clerics and monks within to lay out all their supplies in the street, set up a ambush for Vengi's horde.  

As his host sweeps into town, Vengi spots the obvious bait lying on the ground,  eager to end the pursuit then and there and to humiliate his opponents Vengi surges forwards into the jaws of the Guard.   But he is not unprepared...

A view of the table/deployment

A shot of the sanctum guards one ranger, who took several pot shots, before being put down by the Cookman who leaped from the back of the spinder (walkers)  and booting him in the face in one action.

A view down the center of the street from the assault team of the Sanctum Guard which proved to be immensely effective for a time.

Before too long a swirling melee broke out around the main objective and a hero distinguished himself...  
Ulf the Orphan of the North lands, defeated in single combat, the Scare'davain,  and the Corpse Ogre after it regianed its sanity and went on a mad rampage destroying  part of the building and ripping up a spinder, which he took to mean that it was exceptionally dangerous and needed an axe in the head.  Yes... things looked grim for Vengi's horde until a lone lab assistant pulled out a small packaged, affixed it to the side of the mission and....


needless to say most of the combatants were scattered, the supplies lost.   and with a mad laugh in the hot flailing wind Vengi's spiteful laugh could be heard by the Sanctum Guards.   

But the story does not end here...  

Ulf and Pietro, the two Sanctum not wounded made to chase Vengi through the blasted streets. Their pursuit would not be so simple however, for out of every pipe, and crawl space came the Vespa, deranged mutant inhabitants of Roam, drawn by the smell of blood and the promise of trinkets. 

Outnumbered but not outclassed Ulf speedily kills four Vespa. 

Pietro is less fortunate and is captured by the deranged mutants.

Slaughtering his way through the crowd, Ulf turns back to finally check on his limping behind squad mate, but finds himself cut off from his stricken friend. 

Later that evening....

Ulf made his way into the shattered remnants of a apartment building to plan his rescue of Pietro.

Vengi moved deeper into the city to establish his base 

The Vespa make their way to one of their many lairs to interrogate Pietro

The rest of the Sanctum Guard are taken to an aide station outside of town by the missionary clerics and monks, and nursed back to health. 

It was a fantastic game duo, and it really built a lot of background that we as players found really surprising and set the stage for a dual campaign (not that we were going to be against such a thing !) 

-Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Art Inspiration #3

Hey all, its time for installation 3 of the Art Inspiration.

This time i've got a Gremlin fellow who looks like he'd fit nice and cozy with the Orks

A sort of generator station or maybe a blimp hanger

and a Oriental Cyberpunk Temple. 

hope you like this batch of photos from the net. 
tommorow i hope to post up the First and Second Games of the Nuclear Renaissance  game against Chris.

-Your Favorite Madman-

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dark Vengi's Malicious Hordes of Evil

I've been a busy little painter/modeler the past few days. Originally i was going to post each of these with an intricate fluff article like Chris did on his blog, but there are a lot of pictures and i felt like if i added words it might be off putting. Therefore i bring you a glorious photo dump.

there is one more that i have modeled that isn't pictured here, but he's what i'm calling "The Corpse Ogre" so i'll let your imaginations roll about for a bit.

-Your Favorite Madman-

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dark Vengi. The madman of Eat-A-Lee

His name is whispered with terror in the civilized lands of northern Eat-A-Lee,  the mad man inventor who knows not the bounds of human morality. Whole villages are found mysteriously empty at that remains is the acrid of smell of blood and gasoline.   The Sanctum Guard, the so called protectors of these lands and divine warriors of the Church of Blinding Dawn, almost killed him in the Battle of Floor-Rinse, but where his brothers meet their death, he escaped.   He knew that he must escape so close and deadly a pursuit as the Sanctum Guard would provide, so he went south into the haunted lands...

Along the way turning whole towns into horrifying Mutano Automata, an army of mutants and half-deads enhanced with dark science, and magic.  

With his screening cloud of Mutano risen, Dark Vengi had one more plan before leaving the north. A little payback for the death of his friends and family in the Tuscanii Raiders, that were killed during Floor-Rinse.  

The Duchess, a leading member of the church, was passing from her capital to many of the small missions and chapels built in the outlying villages. A perfect target, for Vengi,  a noble out of her city was not common and he was certainly libel to take any advantage he could get.   

The Mutano washed over the convoy, the Sanctum Guard holding fast held off the first several waves of attacks. It was not till Vengi committed his Automata Magnifico, great vehicles of deranged purpose and design, that the day swung in his favor.  The Duchess, was taken, turned into a Mutano Automata herself, sickening in her form and deadly in her armament she was a hideous mockery of her former self.  
She travels with him still, an idle plaything for Vengi to abuse as he sees fit.      

Knowing that the Sanctum Guard would soon come for him with a fury, he headed with all due speed to the South.  his army very much depleted and his vehicles virtually eradicated, he needed a safe place to regroup, and experiment freely.   That place was Roam, the haunted city, rumored to be filled with ghosts, mutants, and worse from the before times,  still irradiated, and ash choked.  It would be a perfect place to lose these northern church goers to pursue his own agenda....

So there is a very rough little background for my Nuclear Renaissance gang leader, i'll be playing against my friend Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water.  Below i have Dark Vengi, who i painted the other night, i'm not so pleased with the conversions, i'll probably do some hand swaps and maybe change the head, but for now i think he turned out rather well. 

I hope to have the rest of the members of his starting crew finished tonight or tomorrow, then i might revisit him. hope you enjoyed it

-Your Favorite Madman-  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Inspiration #2 & The Armies Army Kickstarter launches

Hey all you guys and gals. Its Wednesday and I've decided that it would be fun to give you a couple pieces of art to inspire you in whatever it is that you might be modelling/painting/or playing.

So today i bring you first off, a oil painting from the Napoleonic Wars.

a neat-o city of ridiculous size made entirely out of wood

 A sentry robot, that i assume hovers about and maintains order

A picture from the "World War Robot" books, which is a great (albeit expensive) graphic novel series and art franchise. 

Also.  Even though i mentioned him last post,  Armies Army has asked his followers to spread the word about his Kickstarter for the Near Future British Commonwealth forces in 15mm.  The initial green that he did is really great, so definitely go and check it out. 

That's all for now everyone, i hope you enjoy the pics and the kickstarter. 

-Your Favorite Madman-