Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "Shore" Party.

Hey All,  i've built up the remainder of the State Troops Box into Rouge Trader crewmen.  Last post i told you about First Mate Ross, the leader of the shore party.

Next up we have.  Mr. Gregory MacHallan, and Lucy Oraphell,  who make up the sniper team that act as the teams support and scout element.   They grew up together in the Forest world of Nemessa.  Seeking more adventure than hunting and skinning game for export to the wider Imperium the pair hitched a ride to the local system market/bazaar, and found the Rouge Trader and his crew docked there. Seeing an opportunity they came aboard.

Next up, we have Sire Kobel, and his sworn bodyguard/pack mule/butler  Lucien Tranh.  Kobel is known far and wide as a marvelous hunter of big game, and his antique rifle is purported to have brought down a Squiggoth, a Frost Onivore,  and a wild giant Grox.   Though these claims are possibly less than truthful.  He formerly was a Hive Noble on Armageddon, but the war persuaded him to change scenery and go adventuring.       I figure this pair works together like a Pavise Crossbow troop with the large shield in front, and the gun propped on top.    ( the ork arm is going to have green stuff gore coming off it)

Finally we have Squad 54-D  of Company A of the 165th Davidspeak or "The Feather Caps", and their inspirational leader Corporal LeChance.   They are the last remnants of their regiment of 3,000 which was tasked with establishing a beach head on the traitor held world of Erasmus IV during the Sabbat Worlds crusade.  Horrified at the callous waste of their lives, their company fled towards the planetary space port, after ambush, after ambush the company numbered only 8 men,  who then stole an Arvus lander, and using contacts in the munitorum and command, were able to desert and flee to a orbital, where they were picked up by our Rouge Trader, who was keen to get more combat experienced personnel on his ship. 

and finally a group shot!

thats all for now folks!

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Lovely bunch of chaps, too bad they'll be mind-scrubbed or executed should the Commissariat ever catch them.

    1. i hear life as a servitor isn't so bad. Endless hours of daydreaming while being a lobotomized robot doing hard labor... or maybe we should just never get caught.

  2. They look great, can't wait to see them painted up.
    And yes, 54-D had best keep there heads down while in Imperial space.

  3. Also were did you get the Shotguns for Delta squad from?

    1. they are misc. weapons from the Wargames Factory Greatcoats kit. which is great for any type of human faction you might want to create, mostly IG, lovely lovely IG.


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