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The Pilgrims of Rust.

            The Pilgrims of Rust is the common name for the forces commanded by Former Lord Commander, Antilo Rust.  The Pilgrims of Rust’s core units hail from a planet known as Rall. Its snowy forested conditions made for hearty and well bred infantrymen for the Imperium of Man. Until its chief military leader, Rust, turned from the Imperium and seized power of the entire planet and later after a series of small scale invasions, the entire system. The various forces that comprise The Pilgrims are listed below.

The Traitors of Rall.

            The forces and militia recruited from Rall form the diehard core of Rust’s Legions. These forces follow the Chaos God Nurgle, as they find his gifts make their already stern constitution that much tougher. The commonly daub their armor in the blood of slain enemies, as was customary in the early tribal days of Rallen society.

Cyrus Liberation Front.

            The planet Cyrus, was suffering from a vicious governor and an abusive ruling party 93 % of the global population lived in poverty in the massive continent wide manufactoia city. The other seven percent lived a life of luxury in the “Spear of Destiny”. A fortress/government resort, around the size of a hive city, it functioned as the planetary capital, and was home to no less than 30 public execution grounds, and housed a regiment of well armed personal bodyguards for the governor. Already in a brutal civil war when Rust attacked, the majority of the loyal imperial defenders were overrun or obliterated by teams of suicidal troopers called “Martyr Squads”. These teams are loaded into any available vehicle and driven into the midst of fortifications where they affix melta bombs and use flamers to hopefully devastate any enemy resistance before they are massacred. All members of the CLF wear gasmasks, symbolizing the Manufactoria worker.

Fiends of Yuriel

            A small moon orbiting Cyrus, Yuriel was the first to fall in Rust’s conquest of the planet. Its highly acidic atmosphere makes unprotected movement across its surface all but impossible. The garrison of Yuriel, offered no resistance and in fact joined the main assault on Cyrus. Their mechanized infantry offering great assistance during the final assault on the Spear of Destiny. The Leman Russ chassis produced on the surface of Cyrus, and crewed by Yurien Troopers, are used with vicious effect by The Pilgrims. These crews are all devoted to the Chaos God Khorne, Offering the fountains of blood spilt by their cannons to his name.

Dark Mechanicus

Exactly how it is that Rust came upon members of the shadowy group known as the Dark Mechanicus is not fully known. But, it is thought that upon his attack on Cyrus, a Techpriest, is thought to have lowered the Void Shields of the Spear of Destiny and sabotaged the forward security doors. Know glimpses of this mysterious individual are seen from behind an army of twisted mutant abominations and dark scientific inventions.

 Hrud Clans.

The Alien race known as the Hrud, infest many parts of the galaxy. Rust in one of his assaults of Imperial space, came across a clan of these beastmen named Blood Klaw.  They offer a stealthy forward scouting force to an army already filled to brimming with heavy and mechanized infantry.

Knights of Decay

             The Knights are an off shoot from the Death Guard Legion. Around 120 individuals led by a trio of individuals known as Amaranth, Vel’Ka’Teh, Balthos. Unlike their cousins in the Death Guard, the Knights also follow Khorne. As they view combat and the honor of soldiery to pay homage to both gods. They also follow a loose code of chivalry and will often not kill women and children during raids on imperial settlements. They are not above using these individuals for slave labor or “serfdom”, or as sacrifices to Khorne and Nurgle which their view as a high honor.

            Lord Balthos, is the liason for his fellow commanders, in the material world, as he is the only one of the trio not ascended to the rank of Daemon Prince.  It is Balthos who made contact with The Pilgrims or Rust, and it is Balthos who convinced Arch Heretic Antilo Rust, to join his Knights rather than engage one another in fighting. As such the relationship between the Pilgrims and the Knights is held together by the common acceptance between command structures.

The Quest and the Pilgrimage.

The Knights of Decay call it “The Great Quest”, the Pilgrims of Rust call it “Their Pilgrimage”.  But they share a common goal…

Get to Terra…

Burn it and everyone on it, to ash…

(Pics to come soon)

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