Monday, December 5, 2016

Jornath Formation: Ork Minerboyz

Ork MinerboyZ

When the Orks crash landed onto Jornath, they had to survive and adapt to the cold atmosphere of the planets northern reaches.  The sensible thing to do would have been to burn the considerable stores of fuel that survived planetfall to power and maintain the camp…. But the Orks decided to use the fuel to create massive firebombs which they triggered in the depths of the local mining complexes, starting dozens of underground coal fires,  filling the sprawling tunnels with acrid smoke. It was the perfect environment for Ork Kommandos, and mobz of Blood Axes to move about the mountains undetected.  Since then,  the Orks of Northern Jornath have grown accustomed to low light and ambushing from concealed mine entrances.  Much to the horror of many of the planets Defense Cohorts.

1 Nobz
2-3 Boyz
0-1 Kommandos

Nobz may not take ‘mega armor’
No unit may take a dedicated transport.  

Special Rules:

Brutal Kunnin’ :  roll a d6  at the start of the game on the chart below.

1- Tunnel Fightaz:  All units in the formation have ‘move through cover’ USR
2- Hidey Holez:  All Boyz in the formation have Outflank,  Nobz gain Infiltration
3- Smokin’ Barrelz: All units in the formation will benefit from ‘Night Fighting’ for the first turn, even if the rule is not in play for the scenario
4- Sharpish Eyez: All Units in the formation have ‘acute senses’
5- Cave Shrooms:  All units have the Zealot USR,
6- Sparkly Gubbinz: All ‘Big Shootas’ in the formation are instead replaced with the profile below for ‘mining lasers’

Mining Lasers:  
Range: 18’’
Str: 10 AP: 1
Type: Assault 1, Gets Hot !,  Melta



  1. Minerboyz ? Led by Arkha Zhargil ?

    1. Ha im not really familiar with what youre refering to ? link me plz !


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