Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Checking In

So, im really crowded with school, play rehearsal, and an approaching SAT.

This dosen't mean that i've not been modelling.

However, i do not have time right now to post ALL of the pics i've accumulated over the past few weeks.


-Tanksgiving  (at which was the CEO of Army Transports, showing off the Mk2. Bags)
-The big reveal of my 6th ed. project, and the Rival army of Rust and the Knights
-Pics of the finished Jacobite Platoon minus basing
-A free greater daemon i picked up, that im trying to refurbish for usage in the service of the dark gods.
-A sorcerer, that i got for the Knights. Who is already well painted and converted. so his backstory is coming. along with shots
-Possible entries for the Pilgrims Minidex
-Redux Background for the Knights of Decay.

so, thats all ready. Just i need the time to drop this motherload of hobby goodness. on the blog here.

So, i need sleep now, as im quite tired.

enjoy wondering what the rival army is. and anything else i've purposfully left mysterious.

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