Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mk1. Prototype Arachna-walker (with modifications). +Orcs

Hey, all, i've finally gotten time to post up pics for you're viewing pleasure.

For the base, i was going for ruined manufactorum.

I have no idea why these are so tiny...

So despite random tiny pictures, what are your thoughts on the Dark Mech wierdness? 

and don't forget to check out my fellow tech-savant Chris.  at Sippin' on Paint Water


  1. The walker thing is freaky cool, emphasis on the freaky. I wouldn't want to be the guy it's coming after, or the guy strapped into it!

  2. Very nice, I might have to step up the amount of evil on my Skitarii.

  3. @sonsoftaurus: Freaky is what i was going for. And niether would I

    @chris, evil is better, more evil is more better.


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