Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with the sound of Shurikens and Las

Hey guys and gals, i went to Hobbytown the other day for the first time in what seems like forever to actually play games !      I got to play my first game of Space Hulk (which was great fun)  and a few rounds of Soda Pop Miniatures "Super Dungeon Explorer" which is unique and quirky, but really very fun.  Then i got in a 1500 point 4 way free for all match, with  Landon's  "Hammers of Vornis" space marine chapter, another guys mis-matched space marine w/ IG proxies, and Jim Bowen's Dark Eldar. I had out the Pilgrims, and used the Jacobite and Rallen platoons, along with the Yurien tank "Sergeant at Arms".  Pics below !

The Hammers of Vornis ended up taking the day at the end of turn 3 as the store was closing. The pilgrims had a total of 12 Jacobite and 1 Rallen casualty. With the Vendetta in the back killing a Dark Eldar Ravager. I also did some damage to the Mis-Matched marine/ IG forces.

While i was up at the store i picked up some forces for the Eldar. I've got an idea for a craftworld in mind, that i'll share next post along with some pics of the WIP.  I picked up a Wraithlord, some reaver jetbikes (which i have converted to Corsair Jetbikes), and Jim Bowen sold me a retro and 4 metal harlequins, 2 have fusion pistols and one of the metal has a harlequin kiss.  I converted up the farseer with one of the Mirror Faceplated Reaver Pilot Helmets, and she looks very cool now.  Like i said i'll have some shots of the things i've got now, along with the early stages of background for the craftworld.

As for Codex: Pilgrims of Rust.  I'm still working on it so never fear !

Thats all for now guys, have a great New Year !

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