Saturday, January 21, 2012

Battles, Short Guys, Freehanded Banners, 15mm, and Fantasy Re-boot !

As a warning this is going to be a big post.

First off, i played a game of 40k against Owen's Tyranids on Wed.  Pics Below !
750 points
Vol-Yor v. Hive Fleet [designation here]

We rolled up a Sieze Ground-Dawn of War game and went to work.  Early on the Flyrant got into an assault with the Seer Council, and was soon backed up by a outflanking stealer brood. Unfortunately for the tyrant, i was able to fight through both the lash whip and paroxism to deliver enough witch-blade hits to finish the beast. The stealers were short work from there.

A view of my battle lines after the first nid assault is seen off.

The Next wave comes in, and the Avatar strodes to hold the gap, while the Dire Avengers reload from last turns bladestorm.   The Avatar falls to the tide of gaunts, which are then blown from exsistance by massed shuriken fire from the freshly reloaded guns of the Dire Avengers

The Game ends with the Craftworld holding 2 objectives  and contesting 1, to the hive fleets holding 1

Next a pic from a game i played today at hobbytown with soloman.

Which was an 1850, against his air cav traitors.  His manticores were able to kill a 10 man squad plus transport a turn. followed by damage from the vendetta's, so it was a very rocky mid-game for me. The game ended on turn 5 with the ability to draw mere inches away. but alas it was not to be and the game stopped with no hope of a turn 6. 

I recently made a board for the 15mm guys, which will also double as a display board for armies and projects. Below are some shots from the "Consolidation" scenario as part of the Christmas War campaign, which i was playtesting prior to kicking off the campaign in earnest.

Finally some pics of more painted squats, and my attempt at freehanding a banner for Landon's "Hammers of Ornus" 

Additional Painted Squats NEXT POST !!!!

Also, we're having a bit of a Fantasy Renissance up at the local game store, so expect more on my Orcs & Goblins soon !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. That banner looks good, and looking forward to more stuff like it.

  2. I know you like the 15MM stuff, so you should definitely check out this link.

    1. haha thats awesome !

      Also, since im working on fantasy atm, hopefully you'll see some cool banners (fingers crossed)


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