Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cleansing: and its immediate side effects

I embarked upon a particularly epic journey the other night... organizing and fixing the hobby related things in my room.  This lead to a number of rather shocking and fun discoveries and revelations.
1.) I have a second IoB griffon
2.) I still have several men-at-arms bodies and weapons, enough to make a regiment in fact.
3.) An APC that is perfectly scaled for 15mm.
4.) im missing my fantasy pocket rulebook >_<
5.) the 40 bauhaus Warzone troopers from sonsoftaurus could be put to use in a marvelous way.
6.) I have a AoBR Dread.

Now, rather than recite to you word for word all the insane hobby-fueled madness that took place shortly after these discoveries. i'll simply list the army ideas with a small discription for each.

1.) Bretonnian Undead.- Based off the Red Duke story, i'll be taking this one slowly to really make them look as good as i can. Hopefully i'll start with green stuff work in this army. I want to make them freshly dead, not skeletons, so lots of guts and gore.

2.) Witch Hunters Counts-As.- Utilizing, the AoBR dread as a long forgotten Word Bearers' Legion Assault Captian turned insane psychic warlord. The Bauhaus infantry as his fantatical Apostles. A converted greater daemon, that is bound in an unholy pact with our dread friend.  dread-Lord Karamazov.  Greater Daemon- St. Celstine.  Bauhaus- Sisters of Battle sqauds of varying type. I orginally wanted to keep this project under wraps but i really wanted to share my excitement so here you go.

Now, this weekend, i got in a 2v2 game 3k a side.

Myself and Soloman  (Knights of Decay and Slanneshi Air Cav) 
Landom and Seneca (Hammers of Vornis and Dark Angels Deathwing - Battle Company mix)

Pics from the battle below. Basically all focusing on my forces in the battle (this is my blog after all)

Early in the game and even up to about mid battle it looked like we would win the day. But the Imperial's Focused our Right flank to an extreme, and towards the waning turns of the fight, the deathwing was able to mop up several understrength squads that were still holding the line there. Our left was a different story, where only a handful of Loyalists were left alive, mostly because of the abundance of traitor forces in that area. 

The Game ended with 11 kill points to 9.  with the Loyalists in the advantage.  Though we had enough strength left at the end to throw in some more punishment and may have turned the tide.

Regardless an awesome game. and with an ending that satisfies fluff, and my need to continue the fight another day.

While i was up at the Gaming Store, i met with Chris from Sippin' On Paint Water who sold me two RT rhinos for the Witch-Hunters Count-As army.   Unfortunately another local gamer wouldn't stop bothering me about purchasing one and i finally relented for the price of lunch and a free Avatar of Khaine.   I also finished another Jetbike.

There you are. 1 giant post for Martian Luther King Jr. Day.    

Thoughts/Comments ?

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. The game sounds like it was fun!

    Look forward to seeing the Witchboosters army develop. The Chaos raptor lord guy could make for a good celestine stand in.

    If you model your dread-rider in such a way as he would need shoulder pads, I could spare a Word Bearer pad if you'd like one. I also have a nigh-infinite supply of transfers should you need any. Just let me know.

  2. Nooooooo! The Imperial Knuckles will now have armor you fool! If those squatty bastards can reach the gas pedals we'll be in real trouble.

  3. @sonsoftaurus. it really was and thanks, im not sure as of yet. I'll see i appreciate the offer.

    @chris. you forget, i made squats my allegence lies with the short in stature! mwahahahahahhahahahaha. annnnd... he wouldn't leave me alone for like an hour and a half.


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