Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ready to Unleash Vengence of a Darkened Variety !

Hey all, i got the 6th Ed starter set w/ the fancy chaplain  this Saturday and it is worth every single penny. Its a fabulously nice looking box and gets me very excited and hopeful in new GW stuff.  Im going to try and get some more 6th edition now that i have the book, and i was playing with the idea of asking the Game Group if they would be interested in an "small" apoc game,  we'll see how that pans out in a bit.

I played another step in the "Road to Orleans" VSF campaign with JD today, i'll post that batrep tommorow for you're reading.

In addition i've painted up a few Federal Guuseprians for Chris  (from Sippin on Paint Water) 's  Modern 15mm setting, which you should really check out along with the rest of his blog as he's quite talented and extremely inventive.

Also, if you haven't already, you should check the game of my own design :  Regimentals.  a RPG/Wargame.

Link here :

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I'll Apoc you in the face, if schedule permits.

    1. COOL! It's nothing that NEEDS to happen on a date, just whenever we have like 4 people or something.

  2. I am up for an apocalypse game. I just have to arrange a open day to play. What kind of points?


    1. Depends on the amount of people, and where we play at. Obviously if we can set it up and leave it we can do something more ridiculous than say playing at Hobbytown or GU. I was thinking something like 4500 to 6k with perhaps 500 points of superheavies per side.

    2. Gaming underground would actually be my first choice to have plenty of room. I can bring super heavies for Eldar, Imperial and Chaos and share them out to which ever side needs them for balance.



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