Friday, June 22, 2018

Hobby: Knights of Decay Test Mini

Quite a long time ago now I started this blog to act as the record for my Chaos armies, namely my Secessionist themed Imperial Guard Army the Pilgrims of Rust, and the Nurgle-Khrone Chaos Space Marine warbands of the Knights of Decay. For years these respective forces fought across the battlefields of the 41st Millenium, killing and dying across a breadth of worlds and against every type of foe that one might think to imagine. Life moved on, and interest in the Grim Darkness wained, those veterans amongst us will remember (and current Games Workshop will admit) this period when the hobby or rather the company which purveyed these addictive plastic miniatures seemed to be at odds with its own fanbase. For myself, and a lot of others locally, we moved to greener pastures, for me it was 15mm Sci-Fi, which allowed a degree of versatility and creativity that I felt I had been having difficulty attaining in Warhammer 40,000.  

With the launch of 8th Edition, and the immense renaissance of enthusiasm in the Games Workshop brand of the hobby. I, with a lot of others, have found myself leading armies once more across shattered cathedrals and across trench scarred battlescapes. The Jornath narrative campaign and a host of new models, seen in recent months across these hallowed "pages" might attest to that revival. With the lovely new Death Guard Easy-Builds, available I thought I would use this new found energy to remake the armies which gave this Blog its name.

On this test miniature, I thought to follow the traditional Death Guard Legionary color scheme. and use a mixture of pallid flesh tones and yellowish shading to add visual interest.

I think the scheme may need to go up a few shades whiter and then be hit with the rust streaks and yellow shade to more successfully separate the dark green edging from the rest of the armor, making the whole thing stand out more on the tabletop. 

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  1. Pilgrims of Rust ? Sounds interesting...

  2. Gorgeous! ...Well, disgusting, but that's what ya want after all! Looking forward to seeing more!


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