Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carnage and Splinters in New Jamestown

The other day i got in that exciting game on Nuclear Renissance with Chris'  Denim Delinquints. Chris'  (to be named gang of Spec Ops Mercs). and Owen's  Post Apocalyptic LARP'ers

We decided to start at the four cardnal directions. The terrian laid out to be a semi-thriving post apocalyptic settlement.  The majority of the Terrian is made by Chris from Sippin on Paint Water

Overview of the Board, early game
Medic Goes down at the very beginning of the game

The Denim Delinquents smash through a wall and a tree

The Chapel Rams the Truck amok. Paladin charges out to meet wildman, and i take another casualty

Chris' Spec. Ops crew move into positions tactically hoping to bide time while the local gangs ravage one another

Major Disruption injures 2 more, only to meet with a shotgun round from Scaythe. The LARP'ers mover in from the north

The Denim Delinquents leave the cultists battered and bloodied in the dust behind them and move on to overwhealm the mercenaries.

The LARP'ers quickly move to join them, by jumping over a large rock.

in a glorious display of wanton destruction the denim delinquents smash their truck trough the wall and knock over the shack. inserting themselves into the heart of the enemy

The battle escalates severely on the mercenaries half of the table, while the survivng cultists reorganize themselves.

The LARP'ers truck is flipped by an explosion caused from massed fire from the Chapels Heavy Machine gun ruptures a fuel tank

 later on in the game.  The only surving members are "The Fighter"  from the LARP'ers  who has by this point narrowly avoided death dozens of times. Hawk Eye Haliburton, and the Chapel, with Redwash and a Warrior Acolyte Inside.

 Finally After litterally dozens of rounds had been shot at him. "The Fighter" finally succumed to massed weapons fire. Earning the Title of  "Unkillable"  and the disbelief of everyone on the table.

With the Power Weapon armed Juggernaught taken care of the chapel turns on Hawk Eye and sprays him with large calibre bullets.

The Cultists Of Contamination bring home a victory. It was a LONG and i think an enjoyable game.

Im currently planning on expanding the Cult. With Mutated Wolves, and around 10 more warrior acolytes, just for funs.

I hope all those involved had as much fun as i did.


  1. I had a blast and look forward to many more irradiated battles in the near future. Have you had a chance to use your new sculpting tools yet?

  2. Owen told me about this magic little game i've since created an army list and read over the rules hope to play this Saturday.

  3. @chris. Me too, and i have not, i got a cornial abbrasion on Sun. and i've been home for the past few days recovering, this is the best i've felt and i wanted to check in. PLUS, i need green stuff lol.

    @orky. Me too, whats your real name btw lol.

    @Sons of Taurus, it really was, can't wait for winter break so that we can get in a game again.

  4. 0.0 uh solomon as you have been previously informed


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