Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siege of the Hellstrurg Gate.

Owen and myself, upon learning of the modelling competition this sat.
Planned to play a game at my house, for the "fluff league" We set up the terrian to represent an imperial village, defended by Traitors. Owen would be playing his Soul Drinkers, which he's starting up, in place of his Black Templars, (so the St. Lusica background will be reworked).  We rolled up a Spearhead/Annhilation game, with owen on the first turn.

Major Harish's Defenders: 750 points
Command Squad w/ missile launcher

Templars w/ MoK, 3 flamers
-Kobold: 35

Platoon Command
Combined Squad, 5 power sword, commisar, vox, 4 grenade launchers
 Hvy Bolters

The Defenders of Hellsturg Gate

Soul Drinkers Advance Strike Force

Librarian Fadey w/ terminator armor
5 man terminator sqauad

Dreadnaught w/ lascannon and flamer

Combat Squad: Sgt, Flamer,

Combatt Squad: Rocket Launcher

Terrian Set-up "Pre Game"

Soul Drinkers Deployment

Traitors Deployment

First Turn kicks off, with the rocket demi-squad climbing into the building in their deployment zone, the rhino taking a cautious approach around  the same building, and the heavy elements walking off down behind their side of town's cover.  The Traitor weapons teams move up to get a better view of the main street, and get to work chewing up the demi-squad in the building.

Second turn comes up, and the demi squad and bolter crews continue their fire fight, and the rhino drives across the street to be met with grenade fire, from the 40 man squad. The termies and dread continue their pondorus advance behind the town. The Kobold, drives from behind cover, out into the street.

Turn three and four brings a turn in the game, with my kobold exploding, killing 3 templars. They dig themselves out of the rubble and move to the ruins the termies are in and achieve nothing but annoying the veteran marines, they are swiftly murdered. The rhino begins moving down the street, it is popped by the command squads missle, the explosion kills 3 of the marines inside, the remainder are charged by the combined squad and killed to a man. The troops in the building lose their missle to a heavy bolter round.

Turn 5 see's the survivng elements of the Soul Drinkers assailed by massed firepower. In which the lose the dred.

Fadey, watched as the venerable brother Ulis fell to the chaos forces missle team. His comm-link to the rest of the strike force was blank and he feared the worst. Before him a tide of chaos troopers rushed at them. With a scream of defiance Fadey and his brother terminators charged headlong into the enemy.

- Cold and Fast, Soul Drinkers !

Last confirmed transmission from Librarian Fadey.

League Record

Pilgrims of Rust: 1-0  
Soul Drinkers : 0-1


  1. Oof. A guard blob can be hard to deal with at low points levels.

    How are you finding the LatD list?

  2. I seen a Ramshackle creation in some of those shots. I must see more of it. Also nifty battle report.

  3. @sonsoftaurus. yeah, and it made it harder that he only had 2 combat squads. The LaTD list is great fun, i really like it, probably include some allies next game.

    @Chris, yes the toad is exactly the right specs. for a Kobold, open topped, AV 10 (it looks ligtly armored) and thanks !


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