Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Landships and Warlords and Princes -Oh my !

Well an update, I've painted ALL of my IG command squads into a single unified army color, so all of my upper command staff have a green fatigue and black armor. That includes Commissars and Priests.

I also, have been working on Green Stuff and so i decided that being the leader of millions of men Rust would be fodder for my attempted sculpting !

The Staff is a trophy taken from the dead hands of the former leader of the Rallen PDF. The Coat is a formal attire for Rallen High Commanders (or was prior to the uprising), Rust is now the only owner of one as all others have been burned to ensure no fool hardy Rallen's try to usurp command in his absence.  The Helmet is a bit of fluff i haven't gotten to writing up here yet but, it is a modified Helmet taken from the skull of a rather vicious pirate lord, it's gaze is said to sear the souls of men of lesser constitutions than that of the wearer. (I'm probably going to use Rust as Yarrick, in games where i have the points too and can't use the special rules i made for him)

I also crafted a Daemon Prince from spare Heroscape mini's (which are great if you have any they are awesome to convert things into)   for Owen, you'll see more of this beasty a little later in the week during our Re-match.

Also, I explored the many usages of Tic-Tac boxes (which are also awesome) and so i used a whole mess of them and turned them into Steampunk Tanks. You can see my British Rifle Company in the back there. and behind them some spear militia.  You might get to see these in action soon also!

Thats all for now

-Your Favorite Madman!-


  1. What scale are your British Infantry and when/where will they see the battlefield?

    What rule set are you planning to game them with?


    1. Thats my 1/72nd Scale Army. I also have a (much smaller) 28mm army. I mostly play VSF at home, with a friend of mine. BUT if people got interested there's no reason i can't bring them to a gaming store.

      I use Valor & Steel & Flesh by Parrom Station.

  2. Your conversions look good. You should add the little flat bottoms from gumball-machine eggs to tops of your tic-tac-tanks, sort of like an Ironclad cupola.

    1. Thank you Sensi (bows deeply)

      Also, I was thinking about putting them on with like a Maxim gun/ Gatling gun and not glue them to have them optional, b/c options are cool!

      maybe a transport w/o the extra gun, no room with it?

  3. That is a creepy looking heroscape critter.

    1. Well he's a Slanneshi DP so I thought it was appropriate lol.


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