Monday, April 30, 2012

Venerated Brother Brutis

Hey all, here is Venerated Brother Brutis, the Dreadnought in my Executioners 4th Company Army.

Incarcerated in his Sarcophagus three centuries ago, during the Morrovian Schism, Brutis is well over 500 years old, having served as an integral part of the Chapters Devastators. In his 120 years of service he logged well over a thousand enemy vehicle kills, and uncounted infantry fell to his squads ire. On Morros, the third planet from the systems star, a Chaos tainted group called "The Orphans of Carnage" usurped control of the military and merchant classes, and began a bloody revolution. The Executioners (then on their Penitence Crusade)  sweep onto the planet in a flood of anger and steel.  Brutis was placed in overall command of three devastator squads positioned on the eastern lume-ridges, just next to the starport, where civilians were being evacuated and supplies off loaded for the war effort.

It was to this starport that the Orphans sent their last, largest, and most desperate armored offensive of the war. Brutis and his men claimed 57 enemy vehicle kills, before their position was overrun. It was not until Tactical Squads from the 4th Company, searched through the wreckage days later, that they discovered Brutis barely clinging to life, surrounded by dead enemy infantry, and clutching the still fuming heavy bolter of one of his dead squad-mates. He was made a Dreadnought 3 days later.

Since then he continues to hunt enemy tanks as a preference, and has served the chapter with continued honor and distinction...

                                         My Attempt at Freehanding the Chapter Symbol Came out alright i think.

I figured that a life-support battle suit would probably be powered by something bright and highly explosive.

I also have these Autocannon arms, made from IG guns, for those days when those Munitorum buggers absolutely refuse to let you borrow their Hydra.

That's all for now guys

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Nice!

    Some good turns of phrase there too - "Orphans of Carnage" and "flood of anger and steel". Very cool.

  2. I've been on sabbatical and I'm reading through my back log of internet today. This guy is awesome, and you beat me to an Executioners Dreadnought. Kudos!

  3. Thanks sir ! Any plans on adding a dred to your guys?

  4. Eventually, I think I want an Ironclad.


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