Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Battle of Orchard Farm: Road to Orleans Campaign

Hey all, we did this game some time ago, but i have been really busy and only wanted to do shorter quicker posts.

Location: Orchard Farm Proper

British Forces:
3rd Foot Infantry
-Captain Teague commanding

5th Dragoons
- Major McGovern (OiC)

12th Armored Platoon

Mk 1 Battle Walker "Queens Ire"

French Troops:

 Commander "Exdeath" (OiC)

Royal Guardian Corp

Steamlord Mechanified Cavalry Support

Wing of French Biplanes

French Armored Platoon/ Scout-Heavy Mixed

This battle is the first major engagement in the British push for the town of Orleans, The primary objective of the game would be to get as many single living men (tank crews included) into the town by turn 5.

A view of the pre-game deployment (Yes all the pics are in Sepia Tone b/c it looks more Victorian)

RGC infantry and the Steamlords move onto a small hill on the French Left flank. Elements from both the Air Wing and the Armor platoon move onto the outskirts of the town.

 The Forward French Biplane is shot down by a well placed shot from a Light Gun from the 12th Armored. The forward French Heavy tank comes under a barrage of fire from every Light and Medium Gun in range, and takes a wealth of scarring on its hull, as well as the loss of a few crew.

The Charge of the 5th Dragoons 

 Led by Major McGovern, the cavalry from the 5th charge straight into the RGC battalion stationed on the hill, and ends up in a massive and protracted melee and close range firefight with multiple units of infantry, and steamlords inside the Orchard itself. This draws in French troops from all along their battle line to try and solidify the flank. ( My plan in the battle was too commit a hard hitting force toward one flank that would draw much of the enemy army toward it and draw them into the open to be destroyed, effectively obliterating hopes of a french victory.)    The Dragoons, are on the verge of being killed to a man and Major McGovern sounds the retreat from the deadly melee, who take parting fire from the French survivors. The plan only half worked, drawing much of the French foot infantry and Cavalry onto the flank and sending them into a protracted fire fight with the 3rd foot, who had just come on-line to support the Dragoons escapes.  

                      The Combat lasts for multiple activation phases, and in fact goes on for two turns.

An overall view of the battle just after the Dragoons escape

A view of the fight between the 3rd Foot and the RGC Battalions  

With the Infantry slogging it out on the Left, the Armored and Air took to firing high explosives at one another. The total damage served mostly on the French, having one plane needing to land to effect emergency repairs (almost blew the bugger up too!)  and the forward Heavy Tank suffering a few minor damages.

The Battle comes to a dramatic climax, with a massive press into the town on both sides,  3rd Foot move the forces not engaged on the left into the buildings on the right. Though mostly they are cowering away from the thunder of guns in the center of town, which around this time looks similar to the surface of the moon.

Infantry and a skiff battle in the smoke filled streets

At the end of the Day French forces lose, but it was a close run thing, and i shall not casually underestimate the sheer ability of the French troops as much as i feel i did this time.

RGC retreat from the outskirts of town
 English forces pouring into the village.

The armies you saw in this battle are the tip of the ice berg, we have some quite big things. For instance JD built this rather Massive Dirigible  named the "Le Bebop"

Teague is standing on top for scale.

 All-in-All it was a fun game, and i can't wait for the next match!

OH !  and i did some work on Tilean Undead Knights. posting coming soon !!!

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. The sepia toned photos make me want to play an American Civil War version of this game, and listen to the music from a Ken Burns documentary.

  2. Every unit you see on the table was created by us. We sat down before the game and used the book to guide the stat creation, armorments, etc etc. I really ought to show you this book I think you'd dig the rules. I've used it for scifi horror 28mm gaming, 28mm vsf, fantasy, 15mm scifi, and 1/72nd scale seen above. But long story short, yeah acw can be done hahaha.


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