Thursday, May 10, 2012


hey all, just a quick little post here. ive been vigorusly studying for the ap exams, and certification tests i have this week and next,  therefore there has been a lack of hobbying as i fret over facts i wont need again. BUT, i have things in the pipeline and posting should return to a degree of frequency hopefully late next week sometime. until then! sit tight.

-your favorite (bleary eyed from books) madman-


  1. We expect 5s all around mister!

    Hope you manage to get involved in the Gaming Underground escalation league, esp. since it's closer to home for you!

  2. I forgot you're going to be a History Teacher at a high school. I actually have my APUSH exam tommorow morning ironically hah. I'll certainly try sir, i know the material its just the grind that im really worried for deteriorating my thoughts.

    The GU league, i was going to get into but, the last few times ive been up there i haven't been very impressed with peoples attitudes towards the game. I got placed to the side by a guy who kept me waiting an hour building a land speeder, only for him to defer me to an absolutely new player who knew nothing of the rules. The CCG people weren't very friendly either. Though the Staff is great, and i support them, along with the idea that i have a place so close. but i do feel a deeper sense of loyalty and "Family" at hobbytown, im apprehensive about going, not so sure, i'll see.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. I've only been there once and had a long talk with one of the owners who seemed like a good guy and interested in getting 40K/fantasy going. I think they'll have some growing pains, but it sounds like there are a number of experienced players planning on getting in on the league too, hopefully everyone will be up to speed fairly fast (and then everyone knocked back down with re-learning things for 6th!). Shot in the dark, but unfortunately some of the lack of friendliness may have been due to your age. Stupid, I know, I ran into it myself back in the day. If you're not in the same demographic sometimes you're not taken seriously. I'd probably be looked at strangely trying to sit in on some Yu-gi-oh or something, same thing.

    I like H-town too, and it is stupidly convenient for me. We are definitely a sideline there though; at GU it looks more like somewhere we might have some elbow room. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but I'm planning to try to give it a shot.

    I'm sure that you'll do fine on the tests. To be taking multiple APs and not having pulled your hair out yet, you're in good shape.


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