Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black Templar Chapter Serf

Hello everyone.
The local gaming group is holding a bit of a campaign that i'm participating in, with a Black Templar's army, as a change of pace from my chaos troops.  Anyway, i'm using the unpainted Equinox Protectorate guys from the Pilgrims of Rust that i've never gotten around to finishing, and turned them into some Serf's to supplement the Marines in the field.

Very simple, but i think it will look good on the whole, as it will contrast from the Black Templars' themselves who are heavily ornamented.

-You Favorite Madman-


  1. He's nice, but surely using the vox op head and greatcoat legs means that you'll struggle to reporduce him in any quantity ?

    Unless you're gonna bitz buy the heads and get greatcoat legs from puppetswar or sumfink ?

    1. well he is one of a number of other soldiers i made for special forces troops in my LATD army that i never got around to painting. Its a mix of bretonnian and cadian heads, with tau torsos/backpacks and elven archers legs, and a few bret legs as well. Sort of a consummation of all the different armies i've played at some point in one unit lol


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