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Rise of The Master of Sorrow: (Part 2)

With the Skaven bloodied,  The armies of the Legion marched into the Valley of the Sundered Helm to meet the rest of the rat's force and destroy it in a pitched battle.

New Regimental Historica's

Knights of the Murdered Innocent- Led by Sevastian Klakk, the Knights are known and reviled for their heinous usage of children and the infirm as sacrifice to the gods of chaos, for they are not fit to live in a world of the strong and mighty.  Curiously, they often offer quarter to combatants that are mortally wounded or are captured fighting.

Chariot of the Eye- The rider of the Chariot of the eye is not known, for he does not speak, and remains quiet and still when not storming towards the lines of the enemy on his cart pulled by beasts from the blackest pits of the Realm of Chaos.


Again !    Forward AGAIN  YOU SPINELESS MAGGOTS !!!!    Screamed Renga to his men, as they charged once more into the lines of the Skaven.  for hours the mighty hosts had bludgeoned one another across the misty valley.  Thousands of tribesmen and clanrats lay dead or dying across the field. The time had come now to end this once and for all.  The center of the valley was dominated by the great shattered temple to Tzeentch, known as "Sundered Helm".  From which determined enemy resistance presented itself.  Seeking to obliterate the source of this resistance and possibly break the spirit of the Skaven host.

The whistle of the poisoned mortar shells sailed overheard as they ran, the clattering of armor and the rhythmic warchant of his elite knights beat into his head, focusing him for the fight to come.  Moments later, The Men of Sorrow's Gait, slammed into a seething wall of rats, ripping into the clanrats, carving great gouts of blood and gore into the air.  The Knights of the Murdered Innocent, and the Chariot of the Eye sweep around the columns of the great temple to his left, driving through the smoke and mist of the battlefield.  Then, just as his men had almost reached the rats in front of them, they parted to reveal stark silhouettes in the mist.

"no..." he said to himself.   "no sane man would dare to pledge themselves with the Skaven"

"Men of Tzeentch's Ire!   Deliver their fate!"  Screamed the azure clad Chaos Warriors before them, hitting into Renga's men with a crash of sparks, and splintering of shields. Left and right the men of the north tore into one another, cutting each other to bloody ribbons. When Renga saw him. The leader of the regiment.

Ducking under, a heavy blow which he countered with a stab through the midriff. Renga bellowed a throaty challange to the man. "I Will show you a changing of ways! When my sword rips into your gullet!"   When a cool voice entered into his mind with a polite chuckle. "Your brash humor amuses me Renga.  We shall meet in the way of the my ancestors."    

A tingle entered his body,  he blinked,  his mind felt heavy.  when he opened his eyes, they were within the Temple of the Sundered Helm,  their warriors arrayed around them, the blue balefires of the temple lit through impossibly complex sorcery.  "So it begins that the great scheme is given to start".

Shaking the feeling of magical lethargy off, Renga bellowed and ran at the Warrior Mage.  As he moved his blade to pierce the mans chestplate, he blinked away.
"the hell...!? "   Renga gasped, as a hammer blow hit him in the back of the helmet, sending him stumbling forward.  He quickly wheeled round and struck, the warrior sent the blow aside and sent one of his own towards Renga. Which skidded off his armor with a hiss.    Renga sent a mighty kick into the side of mans knee, buckling his stance, leaving him open for Renga to deliver a dagger blow to the warriors groin. A screech not unlike that of a predatory bird echoed around the arena, and the man regained his footing and sent a flurry of blows down of Renga's body.  


Sevastian Klakk and his men galloped past the warpflame of the Skaven teams, and through the poison clouds of the mortar teams, cleaving slabs of flesh from the maintenance crews and adjuncts running through the Skaven rear. As he had just decapitated a Skaven message runner, he looked up through the haze of battle and saw a great towering figure. wrapped in a thick coat.  

"Curious..." thought Klakk. trotting forward.   A cloaked, man, stood, surrounded by piles of tomes and ritually killed skaven, he was chanting something unintelligible.  

"Who are you ?  Why are you not in the main line?!"  yelled Klakk over the chanting.

The chanting stops.  A thunderous laugh rattles through the air.  The man turns, and pang of terror enters Klakks body as he sees the man's face a twisted combination of Skaven and Human.

"Filth!"  Screamed Klakk driving his sword into the wizard.  Who burst forth into billow of magic flame.  

A quiet whisper entered his mind.   "Thus the scheme shall unfold"....


Renga picked himself up,  he was bleeding badly and he had pains across his body.  The Master of the Legion threw himself at his foe. Shortsword in hand the blades of the two combatants grinded against one another, as Renga and the Champion sought to overpower one another.  Then a flicker in the balefire caught Renga's eye. The strength of Champions' block weakened.  He dropped his blade, and took a step back.

"The Eye of The Gods are on your Master of Sorrow"  he spoke.

after a quiet pause of confusion. Renga spoke.

"Then I offer your soul to the master of this place..."  gasped Renga, through spat of blood in his mouth. As he raised his blade above his head.

That's when he felt it, the electric energy of the gods, gazing down and a Dark Fury entered into his limbs, renewing his spirit as he drove the blade into the skull of Champion, with a definite finality.   The Sons of Tzeentch's Ire, faded like wraiths, in the balefire of the temple.  Renga and his men were left atop the Sundered Helm, gazing across the field, just in time to watch Iglak and Sevastian overrun the Skaven line.

A group of Tribesmen marched past, the champion called up to him  "A wonderful victory my lord ! "  

" Indeed, it was well fought.   But i fear now that more is at work to this campaign than i had thought Innman...."

to be continued....


Renga gained the "Dark Fury"  (+1 Attack)  trait for his killing of The Champion of the Sons of Tzeentch's Ire.

hope you enjoyed this rather long winded tale of the 2nd Battle in our campaign.  The opponent was of course JD with his Skaven w/ WoC allies.  

Battle was 1000 points with moderate allowances for fluff.  

As always let me know your thoughts for what you might like to see us do in the campaign, if you have a cool idea for terrain, or just what sort of content you'd really love to see more.

Thanks for reading !

-Your Favorite Madman-

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