Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The War for Megnara (15mm 40k)

Segmentum Tempestus
Sub Sector Novara
Imperial World.

Synopsis: Megnara is of a mixed temperate, and is covered predominantly in forests and high rocky mountain areas.  Tracts of the south western hemisphere are given over to rich agricultural facilities,  and in the entirety of the north breaks into vast tundra and immensely deep ravines (some nearly a kilometer deep) that present rich mineral veins, and hot springs.   The planetary capital , and the only hive city, is  The Glisterbrug  {ja-glis-tur-barg} which rests in the idyllic “valley of pastels”.  The Planet is governed by Primadon, Quinn Vanders,  and sustains a local PDF garrison of  15 Regiments, positioned evenly across the planet.   Its primary exports are lumber, and mineral ore,  it has a relatively low tithe rate for the Adeptus Munitorum, as the Sub-Sector has been spared much conflict.

Situation: An unidentified force of Chaos Renegades, has landed in the planets Southeastern Hemisphere, and spread heretical teachings amid the populace.   The Megnarian PDF 8th and 11th Regiments are holding the Cultists and Renegade Militia at bay at several key cities and industrial complexes.  Estimated casualties are 250,000 and are primarily civilians.   The remaining Megnarian PDF regiments are marching to the hot zone but are several weeks out, as they lack sufficient vehicle transports.  A Flotilla of Chaos vessels hangs in orbit, above the hot zone, but is under sustained pressure of the local Naval command.

Order of Battle:

Imperial Fists 5th Company.

Cadian 157th
Cadian 109th
Mordian 116th
Elter’s World 90th
Elter’s World 91st

Plan of Assault:  The Imperial Fists will deploy among the Regiments of the Imperial Guard, to supplement their forces during stage 1 of the ground operations.  Upon arriving planetside, Imperial troops will assist the 8th and 11th Megnarian in holding the line, until the rest of the PDF arrive.  Once this occurs, the fresh PDF will be subsumed into Imperial Ground Command and all forces, save for the 8th, 11th, and 1st Megnarian,  and the Elter’s World 90th, will push the frontline forward 10km to “Phaseline Alpha”.   

Once the push has properly tested the Chaos forces capabilities and located positions of Strength, the Imperial Fists will rejoin and attack en mass at these traitor fortifications.  This method of pushing, and surgical strikes will repeat until Chaos forces have been obliterated, somewhere around  Vurde {Ver-du}.  

Rules of Engagement:
Civilians within the Hot Zone are to be considered tainted,  and eliminated where discovered.

The taking of captives will be acceptable only during the stage 1 push, to analyze enemy force composition and gather Intelligence.


I'm still thinking about what Chaos force i want to use, i think i will have it bolstered by a small contingent of Chaos Space Marines. I also don't think i want to use the Pilgrims of Rust, just to shake things up a little.

The artwork is from Rouge Trader and is used without permission.


  1. So the Sons of Rust have better things to do then?

    1. Maybe, im still playing with it a lot. Since we are working on the Imperials sort of exclusively at the moment, due in large part to the volume of conversion needed at this scale. We kind of wanted to do a more crazy insanely tainted chaos force, which wouldn't jive so much with how i wrote the Pilgrims. Though, i might. b/c they are my babies, a man doesn't name EVERY company, and Unit commander in a 10,000 point IG army and not have some attachment after all.

  2. Your Space Marines will make planetfall this Friday. The first squad of Cadians is still getting worked on but they will soon joint the fight for the Emperor's Dominion. Ave Imperator!

    1. Praise him on Earth! We must perform the sacrament of Imperial Glory, then, and in so doing bless the metal bodies of those soldiers, sworn to die in the name of the Emperor, and with our sweat and toil, graft fine suits of armor and weapons for them, and enamel their bodies in the panoply of war. Then they will be worth offering up in the cauldron of battle. They will be worth their weight in blood as sacrifices in the war for final victory. THEY WILL BE WORTH THE GRACE OF THE EMPEROR !!! GLORY FOR THE GOLDEN THRONE! GLORY FOR TERRA. GLORY !! FOR THE EMPEROR! !!!!!!!


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