Monday, October 9, 2017

Hobby: Repair Hanger

A piece of terrain that I finished a few days ago to serve as a "vital objective" during the apocalypse game I mentioned in a previous post.  The general idea is a service bay where they repair train engines outside of the local fortress/vineyard.  The structure is generic enough that I could see it finding a place in hive city boards or as part of farmsteads etc. as some type of garage or dock. 

Its an extension of my desire to have more (relatively) intact buildings on the table. I think a little room clearance adds some excitement to a guardsman's day, and I find it hard to rationalize why I'm sending my troops to recapture a totally reduced city in most games. 

Damage from a lascannon blast on one side of the building, being surveyed by a brother from the Marines Errant, which was painted by Chris and eventually found his way into my possession through the murky shifting of time.

Door to the offices, from the workshop floor

building overview. the stairs are high enough to reach the gothic archway from table level. Forgot to pull them out before I took the picture

Not even the Imperium is able to avoid the tendrils of capitalism it seems.

Shot down the main hall

A view of the back wall exterior. 

A utilitarian sign, without flash, and clearly not very clean.

A battlecannon shot through the side of the building, serves only to slow the shambling form of the Plaguebearer.

Thanks for reading!

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Wish we could have had more fighting inside of it during the game. Need to have some hab to hab fighting between some Grots and Fusiliers.

  2. Nice building. Better than some of my minis.


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