Tuesday, March 13, 2018

AoS: A Day of Battles

A bit of a deviation today I bring you some delightful Age of Sigmar battles, A league of friends, some starting into the hobby for the first time, some returning after an extended hiatus have all decided to kick off a lovely little league.  

We are starting from the ground up in force creation with the Skirmish expansion, and moving from there to Path to Glory and upwards into full matched-play tiers.

On the Roster as I remember things we have 

Myself - Stormcast Eternals + Freeguild
Evan - Seraphon 
Owen - Undivided Daemons
Adrianna - Wanderers 
Ben - Brettonians 
Mark - Ironjaws
JD - Skaven and Warriors of Chaos
John - Skaven and Warriors of Chaos

First Table, we see Owen and Ben matching off over an objectives rush game. The Bret's are unsuprisingly going for a heavy cavalry approach, which will go on to serve them very well. Owen opting for a hearty battleline of Nurgle's grandchildren.

The Battle was a vicious affair which saw things come down towards the end in terms of objectives capturing. Sadly for Owen in this instance the Brets were simply able to out pace him to many of the objectives and snatch them up before he could get there.

On the other table we have Adrianna and Evan squaring off in an Assassination mission. Sadly for Evan,  whose Oldblood would very much have preferred to actually do something. 

The battle was typified by the Elves skirting around the zone, which the Lizardmen's Oldblood was unable to leave and raining accurate arrow fire down onto his troops. The casualty count was high amoungst the seraphon warriors but the reptilians sold their lives dearly to allow for the Oldblood to board his freshly arrived escape pteradactyl and claim victory. 

Next round I set up  against Evan's Seraphon in a Vortex mission, which sadly saw the Oldblood yet again restricted to a tiny zone from which he was unable to move for the games duration.

The game was absolutely a slugfest, with two battlelines of hefty core infantry choices slamming into one another at a chokepoint on the battlefield. My forces did eventually break the line and move to assail the Oldblood, but it proved to be too late, only wounding the tenacious lizardman before games end. 

On the other table Adrianna and Ben set up for their game with an "lost in the mist" style deployment which saw much of the forces from both the Brets and the Elves scattered across the table in disspirate pockets. 

unfortunately for the elves, the speed of the enemies cavalry and their heavy hitting impact made for a short game as the elves were mostly unable to bring any signifigant shooting to bear on single targets before they made impact on yet another band of elven archers

To round off the day, we started up a multi-player game with everyone in attendance. The only signifigant change is Owen brought out the Hounds of Khrone to play instead of the Nurgle Battleline from his first game.

I ended up having to bow out early from the game but from what accounts I heard, the Brettonnians and the Khornate daemons exhausted themselves in the city, the Khorne daemons coming out the stronger, while in the outskirts the Lizardmen butchered the Elves and sweeped into the city to decimate the surviving Khrone daemons. (That Oldblood sure is one to watch!) 

So that wraps up my initial coverage of the league, definitely stay tuned for more fantasy related content in the future! Thanks for reading everyone

-Your Favorite Madman- 

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