Wednesday, June 29, 2011

40k New Race Possiblities ?

So, a little bit of talk lately here and there of a new race coming to the game sometime in the next year or two. Im hearing a couple of things

1.) Hrud-Umbra combination as a anit-chaos faction, which i would Enjoy fully

rumored play style is a tricky almost eldar type play style relying heavy on cover and ambush to be successful which i think is a pretty interesting playstyle, my hope is that they are given appropriate anti-tank capablities as i don't suppose that they will have many vehicles. We shall see !

2.)  New Marine Dex, all i have to say is UGH.

3.) Codex: Chaos Legions, which is rumored to be a Lost and the Damned esque book containing daemons and CSM units, the current CSM list would still be valid but update almost exclusivly via WD. I like this, i feel like it should have been done a long time ago to be honest

thats the main thread of things i am hearing right now. and i can honestly say that if any 1 or 3 are true i am going to be truely excited.

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