Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conversion Ideas I had out of the blue tonight.

Ideas for my CSM.

1.) Need some non cult troops for the army, in preperation for the inevitable let down of finding out i need Typhus for Plauge Marines to be troops, and also, i don't like the 23 points per guy. not a lot of stuff i can add to the list after that. Thus, i decided that having the Dark Angels Vets would be a cool way to make some unique looking regulars for the army.

Chaos Dwarves. (Orks)

Ancestor Lord (Warboss)
- Probably going to add a servo harness or some marine bits to an exsiting fantasy dwarf lord.

Brotherhood Warriors (Shoota Boyz)
- Quarrlers w/ some lasguns, grenade pouches for conversion work.

Squat Warbikers (Warbikerz) 
- Space Marine bikers w/ Dwarven riders.

Leviathan (Battlewagon)
- Probably a WW2 tank with heavy conversion to hold 20 squat warriors.


  1. If you're going for a small group for the Chaos Squats, Warboss+nob bikers could handle one Troops, and the boyz could be Ard Boyz for the 4+ save, riding in the Leviathan. Toss in a little support and you'd hit 1000pts pretty soon.

  2. Im thinking taking Big Gunz. and yea 'Ard boyz was what i was thinking too.


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