Monday, June 6, 2011

Valor & Steel & Flesh Review

I'll Admit im a Sucker for Steampunk games, and for a long time i was using the Chain Reaction system to play some small skirmish games for it, but being the 40k fanatic that i am i never really got the money to get into Steampunk. Well, recently i bought a copy of the Valor Steel and Flesh rulebook from Paroom Station.

 I was pleasently suprised by the volume of scenarios, army lists, and colorful rules. It was definately worth the money i payed for it. In addition Paroom has a selection of miniatures avalible, for those who want to play their background (which is by no means required). All of which are avaliable for sale on Brigade Games. I've played a couple of games and had a lot of fun with the system. Now i just need to find a player base for Steampunk in my area...

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