Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Living Planet Project. Update.

With family in town, its a little difficult to get to finishing the treemen. right now, i do have my concept down for the warriors and i plan on having the bonesword/whip  team down by tues. for everyone to oggle at in person. I am thinking that i can hammer out the two gaunt broods rather quick, since they are pretty basic. The other warrior brood, i am either going to duplicate the sword/whip or have some ranged firepower in there.  For the Tyrant, i am planning on doing as Chris suggested and have a large bundle of trees wrapped with "vine" for each leg, and then a similar structure with some more crazy additions for the main torso. The weapon arms on the tyrant are as well going to be suitably large, all - in - all i want the tyrant to be VERY tall and imposing so maybe 8-10 inches in height, since i don't have an actual tyrant to go from that might be the same scale. The Tervigon is going to be the "tree of life" mentality which i might do either a cetral tree with eggs placed around it, or maybe have it be almost a pillar/obelisk type thing with the pods growing on it. 

we shall see !!


  1. The Tyrants aren't anywhere near that big. Not saying you should necessarily trim it down, but don't need to build it that big if you don't want to.

    Hive Fleet Yggdrasil perhaps? ;-)

  2. If you make these guys the Ordo Xenos will have start carrying herbicide.


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