Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so did a lot this morning so far.

First up is the Tervigon.

Warrior, with bonesword lash(vine) whip

11 member brood of Treegaunts

The Living World as it stands now. have bases enough to add another 11 gaunts and 5 more warriors, and the tyrant.

The Flames of War starter set, which i received for free from the fine gents down at USA hobbytown Greensboro NC. Split this with another and recieved 6 american shermans all told. Awaiting paint

Hobby store is running a clearence sale on all MK1. packages from Warmachine/ Hordes  equipped with 40 dollars i went in and got myself a nice looking Legion o Everblight army. A lot of locals getting into it all of a sudden, with 2 Khador, 2 Cygnar, a Cryx, a Mercenaries, Another Legion player, a Skorne player. all different people. This Sat. turned out to be great with a menagrie of different miniwargames going on across the store, they even set out a folding table in the front, and i played a game of FoW  on one of the Checkout counters. lol

WARNING: sippin' on paint water is not a suitable dietary supliment.


  1. Wow, sounds like an eventful weekend!

  2. Your work so far looks pretty good, and thanks for the shout out.


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