Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Living World Army List

The Living World Army list 1000 points

Tyrant w/ Old Adversary: 195

2 Tyrant Guard: 120

Tervigon w/ Catalyst and Dominion: 190

3 Warriors w/ Lashwhip and Bonesword: 135

11 Hormagaunts: 66

11 Hormagaunts: 66

5 Ripper Swarm Bases: 50

Deathleaper: 140

Hive Guard: 50

I have finished mini's for everything but 2 of the warriors and the second gaunt brood.
As for the sentinel, i am considering using it for the hiveguard or maybe a tyrannofex. Right now its in the same condition it was tues. as i still am not positive what i want to do with it.

The unfinished mini's i hope to have completed and ready by tues which shouldn't be a problem they mostly won't be painted unfortuantely as i want brown spray paint to do basically the enitre army in one go.

I wasn't very happy with the Tyrant so now he's back on the chopping block to be re-tooled and re-fitted for all sorts of crazy things. But at any rate you have a list to gaze at now.

Cheers !

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