Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Camp. Booklet Coming SOON !!! (Spoliers for those wanting to view as a whole)

Been working hard to produce a "Back Alley Imperial Armor" for the Camp. Here's the map and the World Background, Army Compositions, house rules, new units, and special chars. coming soon...

Camp. map, prior to the "tides of war" which will denote the flow of the battles and the overall fight for St. Lusica, in a nice visual format which will be updated after each battle on here.

The map with the Tides in place, Green is the Pilgrims of Rust, the Orange is the 80th Templars Crusade Fleet. and the Purple is the Daemons of Chaos (background pending)

now for the background.

St. Lusica- Global History

Horus Heresy: planetary defense forces stand ready to hold the planet from the forces of the traitor legions, but they never come. 13 Lusican Regiments participate in the defense of Terra during the waning days of the Heresy. None of the regiments survive the slaughter.

Post-Heresy: Being a Mining world St. Lusica produces the raw materials for reconstruction. Lusican Regiments are sent as far as the Eastern Fringe to serve as peacekeepers and to halt the advance of Xenos forces seeking to take advantage of the weakened Imperial Army. The state of production of raw materials continues for several thousands of years.

The Revival: The Revival is a time several hundreds of years after the Heresy; it is an attempt by local hive leaders to instill the idea of the Emperor as a deity into the populace. It goes only half as planned, as some of these same leaders are despised by the workforce for their harsh mining conditions. Though not “heresy” the idea doesn’t take hold as firmly as planned

The Age of Apostasy: The Atrocities perpetrated by High Lord Vandire during the reign of blood did not leave St. Lusica unscathed. An immediate increase in yearly required mineral tithes, forced the miners on St. Lusica to work double the shifts and hundreds died of exhaustion every week, those planets that did not met these tithes paid for every pound not given in the blood of a worker. This was put to a stop with Vandires death, but it shook the faith of the Lusicans in the imperial hierarchy even further, cementing the negative ideas started during the Revival.

Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade: As the fighting around the Cadian Gate spilled over in the wider segmentum, St. Lusica was for the first time invaded by Chaos. Marines from the Black Legion and numerous cults of fallen humans and xenos perpetrated a massive planetary assault. The Lusican PDF, not having experience either surrendered to the invaders or were massacred in the space of a week. Space Marines of the Black Templars chapter along with the 13th & 27th Cadian made planetfall sometime later after the bulk of the chaos assault had been turned back, the fighting lasted many decades and soon drew several Luscian regiments back home to fight for the reclamation of their world. Eventually the Imperials were successful, the Black Templars constructing a Chapter Keep on the planet as a reminder to the populace that the Emperor is Omnipresent and his justice is swift. However the scourging of all chaos forces was not total, and many traitors went underground into the hives for refuge.

Present: St. Lusica is now in a state of political turbulence after a cult assassin kills several Hive Nobles at a banquet. Planetary Defense Forces are showing disloyalty and are possibly infiltrated by a number of the surviving cults. Enforcers are keeping law, but barely. The Chapter Keep has been abandoned by the Black Templars for now, until they are again in the sector.  The Imperial Defenses were totally unprepared for the Pilgrims arrival…

St Lusica- Climate and Geography

This section will detail only areas relevant for combat operations, the areas surrounding it, refer to Report A3-A50 detailing non critical intelligence.

Hive Remora: The planetary capital and center of the Traitors defense. Hive Remora is home to roughly two billion souls at last census. It is estimated that 80% have fallen to chaos. The other 20% have either been killed or have retreated into Imperial held territory. The Hive has the standard defensive set-up for most imperial hives, with a thick adamantium curtain wall, hundreds of defense batteries and gun emplacements. It also includes a void shield and a fortress, that acts as a noble palace and defense command center.

Blackfrost Mountains: A mineral rich mountain range to the north of Hive Remora, it includes several very good vantage points for possible artillery posts. It is dotted with several small mining towns

The Hellforge Gap: The largest mining facility in this hemisphere, the Hellforge gap, is a vital piece of St. Lusica’s infrastructure and provides vital materials for any war effort.

The Ice Plains: A large flat snow plain on which Rust has constructed a twisted series of trenchworks and bunkers, anyone wanting to take the Hive will have to secure the plains first.

The Chapter Keep: The Abandoned Black Templar fortress, has been converted into a massive traitor outpost and chaos shrine. This is a key object of the Black Templar’s ire, and will likely face heavy assault in the coming months.

Morvis City: Site of the remaining loyalist Imperial Guard, reinforcements are being funneled in through this site. It acts as an overall command station for the Imperial forces here. Much to the annoyance of the Imperial commanders it is also becoming a refugee collection point as scared citizens seek to escape from the warzone.

The Cursed Forest: This area attracts many stories of ghosts and terrors, no towns or outpost have been built here for fear of this. However a keen commander might try and take advantage of the uncharted terrain to flank the enemy. So long as these stories hold no merit.

Martyr’s Rock: This site forms the lynch pin of the Imperial Frontlines, it is here that a Black Templar initiate, during the first war for St. Lusica, fought against a daemon prince of Khorne, and though grievously wounded, prevailed and sent the daemon back to the warp. Now this area is a heavily fortified bunker that coordinates artillery barrages and the movements of the Imperial Infantry on the front.


  1. That all sounds very cool, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this campaign. Let me know if you need anything in order to make your campaign a success, perhaps some heretics, marines or terrain?

  2. Sounds like a good setup, look forward to seeing more.

  3. Well, im looking forward to playing it :)
    Much much more still to do, but then it gives the others starting new armies time to build up before the kick off. We're hoping max battle size at approx. 3000-3500 area, smallest consisting of 500 point skirmishes. @ Chris, if you're selling terrian and heretics yes plz!


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