Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Campaign Special Rules (Revisited)

House Rules

Hero’s Without Equal: If a hero is removed as a casualty, there is a chance that he may not really be gone, after the battle roll a D6 for each of the characters removed, if the result is a 4+ the character will be fine and remain to fight again. If not then he will be gone and lose anything he might have gained.

Overall Commanders: Each armies Overall Commander, is never considered “dead” at the end of a battle as might other hero’s, and will never have to roll for weather they are alive or not.

Battle Honors: If a hero does something of note (ex. Takes down a unit with 1 wound left) he will earn a battle honor, this can be a statistics upgrade, a special piece of wargear, or a USR, to be decided by the players.

Corrupted Lands: If defending Daemons do not have to follow the “Daemonic Assault” special rule if they do not wish, this represents the daemonic army coming forth from the warp portal. If they choose not to, the daemons may deploy 1 wave as per the scenario deployment, and have the rest arrive from reserve as normal. 

Recover the Relics: If the Emperors Champion  is slain on the battlefield, he will immediately become an objective, unless the game is Kill Points.

The Ground Shall Shake: In order to finally eliminate a player from the campaign. You must challenge them to an apocalypse game. This game can be no less than 3000 points and must include either 1 superheavy or formation. This can only be done if you control at minimum 75% of that players starting territory. If the defender wins this battle it is considered such a heroic defiance that the attackers forces rout back several miles, allowing you to gain back 2 captured areas that are adjacent to your surviving area. The attacker may not challenge you again for 2 “world turns” .

Taking Territory: A target area is selected, on the campaign map that is touching your territory. Depending on the size of the territory, and if you want to try for all of it, the points size will go up or down accordingly. Defending player places majority of the terrain. A mission will be decided upon and played. The winner takes the amount of territory decided upon, or holds their ground.  Geographic locations take 2 battles to win, no matter the size of these battles, as it is assumed the commanders will devote heavy resources to holding such vital areas.

Dead are the Apostles!: So important is leadership to the heretical horde that traitor HQ choices are considered to count for 2 KP in such missions as that is viable. As long as the HQ is alive infantry within 12’’ may use his leadership for the purposes of morale.

Better, i thinks so :)


  1. I like what you've done here, especially the subdivided map.

  2. Thanks, im already thinking about the campaign after this. Might recruit a few of you fine fellows into it. But for now, i shall content myself on St. Lusica. (after all i can only enslave 1 planet at a time)


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