Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Randomness

I want to take a break from St. Lusica for a bit and talk about random stuff, like my Elves

 We'll... i've done it.... i've ressurected fantasy at hobbytown !  

I can finally dust off my elves and march to war ON MOVEMENT TRAYS :D  looking forward to painting the glittering host once my hand heals up some more.

Im planning on going to town on the pointy ears, with some lavash banners, mid regiment dioramas, the works, but thats far off.

In terms of reinforcements, next sat. i will have 2 chimeras for my Traitors, and a further 16 elven spears for the Host of Asuryan.  Yesterday, i got  Typhus (b/c he's my fav spec. char.)  2 plauge squads and the chaos hounds. Total list for the campiagn will be up soon.

As a question. 

Empire Nuln Army,   or    WoC  army?

Oh and chris, are we trading and when so that i can be sure.

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