Monday, August 13, 2012

Eldar Defend the Maiden World and i find cool stuff at Ed Mckay's

Hey all.

Played a quick game with Owen and his Slaneeshi/Omnisiah worshiping CSM guys this past Saturday.
Ignoring FoC and using the 3rd Ed rulebook's army list for eldar and chaos


Sorcerer w/ Steed of Slannesh
10 man Emperor's Children Squad with 3 Blastmasters


5 Dire Avengers w/ Ps champ
5 Dire Avengers w/ Ps champ
5 Howling Banshees
Wraitlord w/ Shuriken Cannon
3 Bikers w/ Shuriken Cannon

It ended up that the CSM couldn't handle the amount of eldar scary CC units and we ran them into the dust

In other news i went to Ed Mckays in Greensboro yesterday and found the rules for Mutant Chronicles: Warzone for 6 $ !

which i was really excited about as i've loved the Mutant Chronicles fluff and always wanted to play the game.

and i made this Corsair Captain for use to lead  my "not really" DE allies

thats all for now

-Your Favorite Madman-