Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hobby: Gretchin #1

Hey everyone, just posting up some photos of a few greenskin ankle bitters for you to look at. Nothing particularly mind-blowing in terms of scheme or presentation, but from a purely technical level I'm happy with the result. 

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jornath: Recapturing Data-Tether Ignatius

.14 Months Since the Fall of Usmilplatz.

The Mechanicus launches its main thrust towards Usmilplatz from the south, with a diversionary task force striking from the west earlier in the same week to divert Ork warriors away from the main body's axis of advance. Reconnaissance units still present in the wilderness areas around the AO redouble their efforts and attack xenos artillery positions and communications outposts to confound the Ork's (already less than stellar) command and control capabilities. 

The Easternmost column of the main body's advance will be the first to hit a major population center, the town of Korsnokrat. While local partisan and militia forces moved house-to-house clearing out the xenos, and liberating slave encampments, the Skitarii maniples would be moving to one of their first primary objectives of the campaign, a data-tethering compound, in Korsnokrat which houses huge amounts of backup information and ancillary servers for Prima Jama.  

The battle concluded quickly, massed fusillades of high-powered weaponry proved the better of the data-tether's occupiers. The Orks, as is typical of their race gave a hearty effort, but lacking effective armor or transport could not approach the sons of mars to bring their savage strength to bear, and thus before nights end, the street outside the compound was piled with the charred corpses of Ork bully-boys, and the crude sheet metal glyphs and heretical alien technology which had been rammed haphazardly into the priceless equipment within.  A day on and a small army of newly freed lay-adepts and noncombatant mechanicus personnel had brought data-tether Ignatius back into the operational fold of Prima Jama.

The Liberation of Usmilplatz was having good success thus far, but could it be sustained?

-Your Favorite Madman-

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Jornath: Skirmish in Anesl Hollow

.13 Months Since the Fall of Usamilplatz.

Operation Gray Jewel was wildly successful, routing Ork forces around Behras and sending the majority of Greenskins in the central combat zone scrambling back north to the safety of the mountain ranges. Its role finished in the larger offensive, the Mechanicus begins to prepare for a campaign of its own, in the mountains around its central operations facility on Jornath, Prima Jama. The Skitarii Cohorts had withdrawn from the mountain towns and villages early in the invasion to protect areas of key infrastructure or spiritual primacy to the Cult Mechanicus, leaving many of its lay-adepts and their families to fend for themselves. After all, the hand that pulls the lever can be replaced, but the machine the lever services may never see its like again.

In some cities, the civilian population had the enormous benefit of the Crater Cohort, a sizeable contingent of Jornathii Mustermen that have sworn fealty to the Magos of Prima Jama, and which benefit from the relationship with more advanced equipment. But the vast majority of towns were forced to rely on a volunteer militia for their defense. 

The Mechanicus began its operation to liberate Usamilplatz, by dispatching units of Sydonian Dragoons and Sicarian Infiltrators to act as forward reconnaissance, scouting out the forests around the major highway's, eliminating Ork encampments as quietly as possible to maximize surprise when the main force began its push towards the city.  

These units met with limited success, the Orks in Usmilplatz had grown large on a steady diet of fighting against the local partisans and had adopted good small-unit tactics to deal with fighting these forces as part of their counter-insurgency. On top of the veteran opposition, Mechanicus' command and control tethers, allowing Dominus' to give real-time orders to units in the field were being disrupted by unusual energy spikes, causing Skitarii assets to disappear from the control auspex entirely. 

Reconnaissance Asset T86-01 was one such unit, a five-man team of  Ruststalkers, tracking north along Ancillary Highway 18-UM, to eliminate a Xenos firebase when they vanished from the Auspex suddenly in Anesl Hollow, a long-abandoned iron minehead. 

Combat Asset C67-02 is dispatched to the location to search for the wayward recon team. When they arrive, their search yields no obvious explanation, about to descend into the mine itself the Skitarii are interrupted by the sudden arrival of an Ork Raiding party.

The Ork raiders, striking with surprise on their side, catch the Skitarii in a state of rare disorganization, forcing the combat unit back off the mountain, leaving the fate of T86-01 still shrouded in mystery for the time being.  

Across the field, much of the early stage objectives for Mechanicus scout teams are not met on schedule. It is of no consequence to the Magos' of Prima Jama, if infiltration and sabotage cannot win the day, then massed superior firepower surely will...

-Your Favorite Madman-

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jornath: The Storming of Eckard Lane

Petyr clutched his lasgun tightly, the sounds of fighting echoed out across the town. The fat forms of xenos aircraft screamed by overhead like revolting bloat flies of scrap. The guild master had to scream over the enormous barrage of noises.

"Keep your heads down lads! The Crater Cohort will be here soon and then we'll retake the city!" 

Petyr peaked up over the lip of the shattered building, another handful of civilian vehicles was rocketing down the body-strewn street. Orks with crude jump packs tailing them closely, they let out perverse jeering calls in their bestial tongue as they fired heavy slugs towards the fleeing cars. 

From the second story of the antique shop, the platoon's heavy bolter kicked into life, barking out a short burst of gunfire...

The Stormboyz, scream forward towards the Imperial lines, seeking to hamper the human's firing to allow for the rest of the force to close. 

Nobz bound from cover to cover to avoid the withering hail of las and bolter fire pouring out from the Imperial blockade

The Orks close and take a considerable few guardsmen before the close of the final turn, curiously the gretchin do a not insignificant amount of damage on their own, firing from cover within the garage, making them particularly hard to hit. 

The Imperial town of Usamilplatz falls to savage Ork raiders, its militia buying precious hours to allow for portions of the civilian population to withdraw into the countryside in an attempt to find refuge from the vengeful aliens. This scrappy militia and their families would go on to form the backbone of the human resistance in the Usamiljen mountains for several months. Called Partisanii, these troops would hold out, striking at the aliens, as they created infrastructure across the region, eventually aiding the Mechanicus' Reconquest Campaign when it began in the weeks after Operation: Gray Jewel.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned as always for more battles from Jornath, particularly from the Mechanicus' push onto the Ork held mountains, and for a major lore update in the next few weeks.

-Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hobby: STC Ruins

I recently picked up the STC Ruins set of terrain from the local GW store, and was very impressed by the results. The set provides quite a bit of table coverage, has good detail on all the wall sections and can be utilized in conjunction with the "classic" cities of death kits to make a very interesting bit of terrain.

For mine, I went with a pretty simple scheme of a weathered and rusted out grey color, which meant that the whole set could be painted in the space of a single afternoon. Resulting in a sizeable amount of (painted) table coverage in a handful of hours for a few dollars. Not half bad.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

AoS: A Day of Battles

A bit of a deviation today I bring you some delightful Age of Sigmar battles, A league of friends, some starting into the hobby for the first time, some returning after an extended hiatus have all decided to kick off a lovely little league.  

We are starting from the ground up in force creation with the Skirmish expansion, and moving from there to Path to Glory and upwards into full matched-play tiers.

On the Roster as I remember things we have 

Myself - Stormcast Eternals + Freeguild
Evan - Seraphon 
Owen - Undivided Daemons
Adrianna - Wanderers 
Ben - Brettonians 
Mark - Ironjaws
JD - Skaven and Warriors of Chaos
John - Skaven and Warriors of Chaos

First Table, we see Owen and Ben matching off over an objectives rush game. The Bret's are unsuprisingly going for a heavy cavalry approach, which will go on to serve them very well. Owen opting for a hearty battleline of Nurgle's grandchildren.

The Battle was a vicious affair which saw things come down towards the end in terms of objectives capturing. Sadly for Owen in this instance the Brets were simply able to out pace him to many of the objectives and snatch them up before he could get there.

On the other table we have Adrianna and Evan squaring off in an Assassination mission. Sadly for Evan,  whose Oldblood would very much have preferred to actually do something. 

The battle was typified by the Elves skirting around the zone, which the Lizardmen's Oldblood was unable to leave and raining accurate arrow fire down onto his troops. The casualty count was high amoungst the seraphon warriors but the reptilians sold their lives dearly to allow for the Oldblood to board his freshly arrived escape pteradactyl and claim victory. 

Next round I set up  against Evan's Seraphon in a Vortex mission, which sadly saw the Oldblood yet again restricted to a tiny zone from which he was unable to move for the games duration.

The game was absolutely a slugfest, with two battlelines of hefty core infantry choices slamming into one another at a chokepoint on the battlefield. My forces did eventually break the line and move to assail the Oldblood, but it proved to be too late, only wounding the tenacious lizardman before games end. 

On the other table Adrianna and Ben set up for their game with an "lost in the mist" style deployment which saw much of the forces from both the Brets and the Elves scattered across the table in disspirate pockets. 

unfortunately for the elves, the speed of the enemies cavalry and their heavy hitting impact made for a short game as the elves were mostly unable to bring any signifigant shooting to bear on single targets before they made impact on yet another band of elven archers

To round off the day, we started up a multi-player game with everyone in attendance. The only signifigant change is Owen brought out the Hounds of Khrone to play instead of the Nurgle Battleline from his first game.

I ended up having to bow out early from the game but from what accounts I heard, the Brettonnians and the Khornate daemons exhausted themselves in the city, the Khorne daemons coming out the stronger, while in the outskirts the Lizardmen butchered the Elves and sweeped into the city to decimate the surviving Khrone daemons. (That Oldblood sure is one to watch!) 

So that wraps up my initial coverage of the league, definitely stay tuned for more fantasy related content in the future! Thanks for reading everyone

-Your Favorite Madman- 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hobby: DnD Dragonborn

A few weeks back my friend Chris, of Sippin' on Paint Water fame, and now Lord and Commander of the blogs Gloria in Morte and Upon the Muster Field, were browsing around the LGS and he challenged me to a friendly painting competition of some of the pre-primed D&D miniatures. Here are the results!

First up is my rusty dragon knight, very fashionable in this seasons shade of green cloak

And Next up is Chris' gleaming cold-blooded paragon of faith and fury. Hefting a lovely political statement about how he feels with regards to endangered species as a shield.

Thanks for Reading!

-Your Favorite Madman-