Sunday, August 1, 2021

Outer Rim: Battle of the Catedra Hills

Foreward: In this 15mm Sci-Fi Battle, we used the rules for FUBAR, a one-page easy-to-pick-up framework that we have found some general success with for replicating sci-fi and modern style conflicts. This scenario sees an asymmetric militia style force, with our settings equivalent to post-Soviet equipment squaring off against a powerful conventional style military, with the primary deciding factor being territorial control and body count, with fighting continuing until a decision could be reliably determined. The militia will deploy their forces on top of ambush markers, which were scattered across the table prior to set up, as each militia unit activates they are placed next to a marker and that marker is removed, hopefully, this creates a chaotic environment, with militia appearing in surprising places, forcing a careful approach from the conventional force to cover their sightlines. On the other hand, this staggering deployment could allow the more disciplined and effective conventional force to shred the militia piecemeal

It has been 3 years since Volochek forces successfully repelled Corporate, Conclave and Transhumanist Forces at the Battle of Angelshearth. In the aftermath, the Outer Rim Coalition (O.R.C.) was formed of lesser colonial nations, coreward Corporate and government interests with the objective of quelling the growing spread of internecine warfare on the edges of human space. With their over investment of resources at Angelshearth having yielded no reward and with both the Volocheks and the ORC spreading quickly through the region, the Conclave pulled back from dozens of systems, moving its remaining military strength to its core worlds near to the Arana Nebula. The haste with which this mass withdrawal was carried out left a yawning no man's land of colonial worlds, filled with Conclave Military surplus and former Conclave militiamen now lacking the umbrella of institutional authority that formerly instilled order. Racketeering, piracy, trafficking and much else soon became the norm, such that this region became known as Cutthroats Rift by ships captains. Having consolidated its control of Angelshearth and its neighboring systems, The Volocheks, looked eagerly at this region, hoping to expand into it and thereby stake claim there in what were expected to be brutal negotiations with the ORC in the coming year. Thus the stage was set for Volochek Expeditionary Forces to clash with Former Conclave Miltia and Outlaws in the black market cities of the Cutthroat Rift.

Miltia Kingdom of Pytor I.
1x Type 12 GEV [Seasoned, Medium Vehicle, with Light Cannon and HMG]
1x Gazelle Scout Mech [Seasoned, Light Vehicle with RPG and HMG]
2x 8man Miltia Squads [Seasoned Inf. With 1x RPG and 7x Assault Rifles and Light Armor] 1x 7man Militia Squad [Seasoned Inf. With 7x Assault Rifles]
1x Militia Command Team [Veteran Inf. With 7x Assault Rifles]

King Pytor the First, [Birthname: Vasili Kosova] rallies a throng of militia in the Catedra Hills as a Corp of Volochek Mechanized Inf rolls through his territory

1/2 of the Milita appear from concealment and suppress Both Volochek rifle teams, the Type 12 GEV stuns one of the IFVs. 2 Volocheks are slain in the opening Salvo, but Volus' finest are far from beaten and start to push from their deployment.

More militia arrive from concealment onto the street and fire an RPG into the IFV nearest to them. The Type 12 destroys an IFV, and the Volochek MBT puts Salvos into the Gazelle Scout Mech, tearing off its HMG and leaving the pilot stunned

The Volochek infantry team, pinned down by their burning vehicle with the bailed-out crew find their spirit and flank the militia squad by the apartment building, gunning down the entire unit in a hail of bullets. King Pytors Command team, moves into town, and finds themselves caught between a storm of rifle fire from the newly arrived flanking squad and the other infantry team pinned down in the alley further into town. Calling on Conclave training and years of combat experience, the team is able to rally and moves into the newly arrived flankers, eager for vengeance.
The Gazelle is put down by cannon fire from the tank, rendering it immobile and weaponless, but still recoverable

The Type 12 trades rounds with the Volochek MBT, ultimately disabling the tanks primary cannon, thus, the vehicle slams forward into the rushing militia command team intent in cutting them off from the flanking squad, moving out of the vehicles path, the command team is none the less hampered in its advance, but none the less, the last of the militia squads arrives from concealment and guns down the Flankers boxing the Volocheks into the village.

Another round from the Type 12 sees the MBT immobilized, an exchange of fire from the rallying Volochek infantry and vehicle crew's and IFV armaments into the milita and the Type 12 continues for a short time. A final RPG shot into the IFV that disables its Autocannon, finally forces the Volochek withdrawal.

The Miltia sustain, 8 KIA and the Gazelle Scout Mech Disabled
The Volocheks sustain 12 KIA, 1 Vehicle Destroyed and 2 Disabled.