Saturday, July 30, 2011

Updates and Such

After a daring midnight raid followed by a tense shootout, i was able to liberate some dwarves and the dark angels book, for the twisted dungeon that is the Sippin on Paint Water compound.  After spending some time regaining my sanity i also got some space marine bikers from Jim Bowen at hobbytown. So now i've got a fledgling dwarven army. It really makes me tear up thinking about it :)  lol. Anyway, tommorow, if i don't spend time with my girlfriend then i will finish the Squat bikers and the Squat-Not for pics. Btw how do we like "squat-not" im 50-50 on it i think we could do something cooler. so NAME CONTEST !  Also, i will start painting and flocking (much more important) the living tree army. Which shouldn't honestly take that long. And in closing major props to Chris'  AWESOME alien hunters which he is starting. Possible Pics tommorow, we shall see if mother nature decides otherwise.

-Cheers, Aaron

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Break out the Nutrient Rich Food-Beer boys and girls !

Squats... A name linked with neglected, glory of what once was, short things, and firepower.
Only to be eaten by the Tyranids.... such a shame...

or were they ?!?!?

DUN DUN DUN !!!!!!!

well, i've decided that they haven't.  Since owen has so wonderfully liberated me of my tau, for the generious price of 85$ and 10 termies, i now have the space, and the money to start a small army of the little fella's.

This of course has determined the fate of that sentinal, which has been lowered fitted with a CC weapon and a plucky dwarven pilot, and is hereby dubbed the Squat-not.

I've narrowed done the codexs that i'd like to use, either Dark Angels or Space Wolves. As i now have 20 termies i also want to fullfill my dream of terminator army, which can only be done from those books.

What i am looking for is a army that allows for the ability to take scouts as troops, as i find 4+ for armor more suitable to the squat flavor. While getting my elites to be very hard hitting to make up for the fact i am using... scouts for troops.

Pics of the Squat-not coming tommorow as at the moment only the pilot has paint on him.

In closing i will ask if anyone is selling a DA codex at cheaper than

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty, the beast, and their midget friends. -But is it worth it ?

First off, let me apologize to jim for the game. Secondly, i wanted to get this blog back to my main army which is my Lost and Damned. Future additions will for sure include:  Slaneeshi Cultists, (bret. men-at-arms)  which will either be a starndard platoon or veterans.

Possible additions and the reasoning behind it: Beastmen units (penal Legion) and Chaos Squats.

Both Dwarf and Beastmen products at hobbytown are now all half off until they are sold out. This represents the rather uniqe oppertunity of getting GW models for less that the cost of a small mansion!
As i rather enjoy the idea of picking up a box of Gors or Ungors for 10 $  it definately appeals to me.
The two big boxes of Dwarf Warriors also appeals to me, but that is more of a ground where i am questioning if its logical to buy another codex and build an army around. GW price reports to not measure great things of the future, so my thought being should i simply buy PP product and trade for the mini's i want in IG?

You decide.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Living World Army List

The Living World Army list 1000 points

Tyrant w/ Old Adversary: 195

2 Tyrant Guard: 120

Tervigon w/ Catalyst and Dominion: 190

3 Warriors w/ Lashwhip and Bonesword: 135

11 Hormagaunts: 66

11 Hormagaunts: 66

5 Ripper Swarm Bases: 50

Deathleaper: 140

Hive Guard: 50

I have finished mini's for everything but 2 of the warriors and the second gaunt brood.
As for the sentinel, i am considering using it for the hiveguard or maybe a tyrannofex. Right now its in the same condition it was tues. as i still am not positive what i want to do with it.

The unfinished mini's i hope to have completed and ready by tues which shouldn't be a problem they mostly won't be painted unfortuantely as i want brown spray paint to do basically the enitre army in one go.

I wasn't very happy with the Tyrant so now he's back on the chopping block to be re-tooled and re-fitted for all sorts of crazy things. But at any rate you have a list to gaze at now.

Cheers !

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tzeentch or Slaneesh.

I have recently accuired a sentinel, and being the madman i am have an inate urge to convert it into oblivion. but i want to do something other than nurgle or Khorne as i have them in abundance in the army already. So i ask you, Tzeentch or Slaneesh. OR perhaps just a terror group with its own crazy symbols, or maybe a cult that worships a xenos race ?! 

(i told you i was crazy)

what do you guys think ?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Impcommander Scenario and Campiegn : The Tide of Death

Due to Viral Contagen, the Taint of Chaos, a Mysterious Artifact etc. The populous of the planet your forces have been placed in for down-time, has turned into a ravenous horde of bloodthirsy corpses and terrors. In a horrofying night of bloodshed the tide overran your base and now you and the survivors must escape the planet.

Survivors Rules: Is alotted 300 points to spend on an HQ, and troops/elites choices. All members of your force ignore the rules for unit coherency and will function as their own units for the purposes of movement, shooting and assault. In additon all minimum requirements on squad number is removed. The goal is too survive the scenarios presented below, with at least your HQ and 2 others alive. (after all you'll need more than one crazed and bloodied survivor to explain this mess)

The Tide Rules: Your objective is to consume and eradicate the survivors, you must build a force equal to 300 points from the minidex below.

Cannibal: 4 points per model 
Ws/3    W/1         Sv/6+          Upgrades: Unit may be given "Wthout Number" at +4 points per model
Bs/1      I/3                                                Unit may be given "Feel no Pain" at +4 Points per model
 S/3    A/1
T/ 3      Ld/10                          Special Rules: Infiltrate, Slow and Purposeful, Fearless

Bezerker: 6 points per model
Ws/3     W/1           Sv/6+       Upgrades: Unit may be given "Wthout Number" at +4 points per model
 Bs/1       I/3                              
S/3        A/1
T/3         Ld/10                          Special Rules: Move Through Cover, Furious Charge, Rage, Fearless

Stalkers: 6 points per model
Ws/3    W/1       Sv/6+           Upgrades: Unit may be given "Without Number" at +4 points per model
Bs/1       I/4                                             
S/3        A/1
T/3       Ld/10                           Special Rules: Acute Senses, Stealth, Infiltrate, Fearless

Ironhides: 10 points per model
Ws/3    W/2        Sv/5+             Upgrades: Unit may be given "Feel no Pain" at +2 points per model
Bs/1      I/2
S/3        A/1
T/4       Ld/10                              Special Rules: Slow and Purposeful, Fearless


Game 1: A Night of Horrors, The forward guard post has been overrun by the tide and you have to escape with you men before they murder you all. However the generator powering the gate was hit by a stray tank round, you must either destory the gate and run to freedom or active the secondary generator

Set-up: The Survivors set up in the centre of the board in a 10'' square, The Tide arrives on turn two from the table edge opposite the gate. Infiltrators arrive with the rest of the tide and are not deployed ahead of them in any case. the Gate is set-up 6''from a short table edge. The Secondary generator is 18'' away from the gate.

Opening the Gate: The gate is armor 12 any result of a pen will automatcially destory it, however if the survivors have no weapon to destroy the gate they can activate the secondary power generator by keeping a model near it for 1 turn, this model cannot shoot or assault. If he is assaulted and killed it is assumed that he is able to clutch the lever at the last minute and active the machine.

Objective: Survivors are attempting to reach the table edge on the other side of the gate. The Tide is trying to kill every last survivor. Game continues until outcome is reached.

Special Rules: Night Fighting

Game 2: Resupply, You've been sticking to the sewers, and underground transport tunnels to avoid highly populated areas, but you're men are low on ammo and food you have to get supplies and bring them back underground.

thetwo buildings to be the supply buildings, it takes one turn per building to get a supply marker, a model can only get one 1 marker per turn, a supply marker must be taken back to your deployment zone for it to count, you must aquire 10 supply markers to win the game. The survivors deploy in a 10'' square in the center of the board with the supply buildings within 12''. The Tide will deploy on all table edges in a 6'' band.

Game 3: Evacuation, You've finally gotten to the spaceport, the tide has the area overrun, this will not be easy....

The Survivors will deploy on the short table edge opposite the extraction flyer. The Tide will deploy with deep strike but will not mishap.

The Survivors player must get as many of his units onto the flyer as he possibly can, this is done just like the remarkation of a transport. The game will end if the survivors are completley destroyed or if the flyer takes off with at least the HQ and 2 others.


Please Note that if you choose to play the missions in a campiegn that the Survivors will not replenish casualties taken over the course of the games, However wounds are able to be replenished as the characters heal up in the space between games.

Please feel free to ask questions at your leisure.

*also, if i don't comment its because i can't not because i don't want too, my google account is messed up so i can't sign in to post comments on blogs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Vengence of the Treefather, and other things

Well as usual i sat at my desk and invoked all my insanity in another feverish bout of converting madness. After the smoke and sprue clipings were clear stood 2 Tyrant Gaurd and the Treefather(tyrant)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living World Update. and Possible Piratey fun

Well, the actual pointed up list for the Living World army was supposed to be here today, unfotuantly the guy i was going to trade for the book did not show up today. So instead i felt like talking about another army idea.

Piratey Orks, yar-har ! 
I had orks around a year ago now, but traded them for more gaurd and Plague Marines (looks at Chris in humble appreciation for my dark master). Anyway i've always sort of regretted it a little, and so i decided that my next project after the treemen will be Pirate Orks, lead by Kaptin Badrukk. Utilizing the Dark Eldar Raiders for our pirate vessels, and some appropriate heads from sources on the intra webs. 


the good Jim Barr gave me  some trees for me today which may come back to haunt him sometime in the near future as they are en route to Tyrant-dom, and possibly Termigaunt-dom. in addition.

So. I leave off this rather odd tangent of Ork Pirates with the following..

Pirate Metal Me HARDIES YO HO !!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so did a lot this morning so far.

First up is the Tervigon.

Warrior, with bonesword lash(vine) whip

11 member brood of Treegaunts

The Living World as it stands now. have bases enough to add another 11 gaunts and 5 more warriors, and the tyrant.

The Flames of War starter set, which i received for free from the fine gents down at USA hobbytown Greensboro NC. Split this with another and recieved 6 american shermans all told. Awaiting paint

Hobby store is running a clearence sale on all MK1. packages from Warmachine/ Hordes  equipped with 40 dollars i went in and got myself a nice looking Legion o Everblight army. A lot of locals getting into it all of a sudden, with 2 Khador, 2 Cygnar, a Cryx, a Mercenaries, Another Legion player, a Skorne player. all different people. This Sat. turned out to be great with a menagrie of different miniwargames going on across the store, they even set out a folding table in the front, and i played a game of FoW  on one of the Checkout counters. lol

WARNING: sippin' on paint water is not a suitable dietary supliment.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Impcommander Scenario: Comms Failure

Idea:  The battle has gotten dangeriously close to a large communications relay. That is giving coordinates to one sides artillery. Capturing that relay could turn the tide of the battle, by using their artillery against them.

Terrian Set-up: The Communications building should be set up in the center of the table and include barricades and suitable defences. As this is a major enemy strongpoint. Around this building, you should include terrian of varied types as you see fit.

Deployment: The Defender should deploy 1/2 of his forces within 10'' of the relay, and the other half along his board edge as though you had rolled the "Pitched Battle" deployment result in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The Attacker will deploy all of his forces along his board edge according to the Pitched Battle deployment type.

Victory Conditions: The mission is decided in Kill Points, the player with the most kill points at the end of the game will be the winner.

Special Rules: The Player with the majority of units, (not # of models, but units) within or on the communications building, will control the target location of the defenders off board artillery.The stats on this weapon are as follows

Range: Unlimited     Str.  8    Ap. 3     Large Blast, Ord, Barrage.     (will scatter 3D6 on a "miss"  or 2D6 on a hit, and follow the arrow on the crosshair)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battle Report, told in Short Story Form !!!

To Claim a World…

                The World of Jacobs Hope was a vast industrial world on the Eastern Fringe. It had for many years suffered from intense civil unrest from various religious cults and workers union organization. It however remained within the fold of Imperial Rule due to a strong garrison of loyal imperial troops as a precautionary measure.

                Within a year of the formation of the Pilgrims of Rust, the Traitors had reached Jacobs Hope and begun a vast siege of the planet at large. With the Traitors fleet dueling with orbital defense stations in orbit, thousands of dropships rained down across the main continent. Realizing their chance was finally upon them, the traitors in the midst of the loyalist camps rose up against imperial authority. Still, millions of innocent loyalist civilians were massacred along with traitors by imperial commanders doggedly attempting to maintain control of the attack. Two regiments of the Imperial Guard were diverted to deal with the crisis, the Merkan 76th and the Mordan 15th. These forces would play a crucial role in the coming fight.

                After three weeks of intense combat in and around the capital. The call was made that the situation had become to grave for the planetary governor Sevrus Liu, to remain planetside.  As traitor forces swarmed the 11th company of the Merkans holding the Governors Palace, the 6th Company, under hot pursuit by the traitorous horde, made way for the spaceport.

                Enforcer Tamp, had been apart of the Pilgrims from the beginning, he’d been there since Rall, since Cyrus. After a dozen brutal wars he was here on Jacobs Hope, chasing a governor of all people.

“Pilgrims advance and claim the prize” he cried as his men swarmed over the bodies of the gas masked imperials they had just overrun. He could see ahead of him the spaceport and in between the sandbags and heavy weapons, the shifting running form of the 65 year old, Sevrus Liu. 

                Tamp, and his men ran forward into the bayonets of the entrenched Merkans, slaughtering their first line with contempt. A great gout of flame roared over his men in a great searing tide, and the flashes of a dozen guns blared around him. When he picked himself up off the ground he brought his pistol up, ready to shot the first coward that tried to run. Shockingly it turned out only hardened men remained, and they were now racing into combat with the next line of infantry. As a shot from one of the Yurien tanks obliterated the hellhound that had murdered his soldiers, he raced forward to join the fight.  Over the next few minutes of close quarters fighting, he had little time to gaze around. Everywhere he looked slaughter took place as Merkan lines were overwhelmed only for their killers to be gunned down by effective and precise lasgun and tank fire. 

Then the Yurien Tankers moved up.

                Tank rounds boomed around him and his surviving men, as the armored might of the pilgrims dueled with the armor of the Merkans around the spaceport. Ripping his bloodied blade from the gut of an unfortunate Merkan private, he looked toward the landing building, only to see the governor and his bodyguards clamoring up the stairs to the blast doors.

With a hellish explosion the building’s fa├žade came clattering down, burying the governor and his guards in rubble. As vendetta gunships’ belonging to the Cyran’s screamed overhead, the Merkans fell back into the underhive. They had won the day, and slaughtered many imperials. But many had let themselves be killed as well.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Living Treemen, and 15mm fun.

So last night i had an idea "I have all this extra sprue"  i thought....

but what to do with it!?

"Treemen !" i thought and quickly ran about my room gathering a sprue, some putty, basing supplies, cutters and a knife. Within a few minutes i had created, painted and based my first treeman !

I am thinking that since it cost me absolutely nothing that i'll make an army out of them. I will probably count this guy as a hormagaunt. Maybe get or make some large Ent type guys for the Tyrant, Trygon, Tervigon. Then go around and make thousands of sprue men (laughs evily !!!!)

As for 15mm, its my other sort of mini gaming love affair beside steampunk, and i have a couple of minis here and there from school projects and the like, so here is a sci-fi russian expeditionary force, assaulting soem unseen enemy on a forest world.