Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Impcommander Scenario: Comms Failure

Idea:  The battle has gotten dangeriously close to a large communications relay. That is giving coordinates to one sides artillery. Capturing that relay could turn the tide of the battle, by using their artillery against them.

Terrian Set-up: The Communications building should be set up in the center of the table and include barricades and suitable defences. As this is a major enemy strongpoint. Around this building, you should include terrian of varied types as you see fit.

Deployment: The Defender should deploy 1/2 of his forces within 10'' of the relay, and the other half along his board edge as though you had rolled the "Pitched Battle" deployment result in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The Attacker will deploy all of his forces along his board edge according to the Pitched Battle deployment type.

Victory Conditions: The mission is decided in Kill Points, the player with the most kill points at the end of the game will be the winner.

Special Rules: The Player with the majority of units, (not # of models, but units) within or on the communications building, will control the target location of the defenders off board artillery.The stats on this weapon are as follows

Range: Unlimited     Str.  8    Ap. 3     Large Blast, Ord, Barrage.     (will scatter 3D6 on a "miss"  or 2D6 on a hit, and follow the arrow on the crosshair)

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