Thursday, July 28, 2011

Break out the Nutrient Rich Food-Beer boys and girls !

Squats... A name linked with neglected, glory of what once was, short things, and firepower.
Only to be eaten by the Tyranids.... such a shame...

or were they ?!?!?

DUN DUN DUN !!!!!!!

well, i've decided that they haven't.  Since owen has so wonderfully liberated me of my tau, for the generious price of 85$ and 10 termies, i now have the space, and the money to start a small army of the little fella's.

This of course has determined the fate of that sentinal, which has been lowered fitted with a CC weapon and a plucky dwarven pilot, and is hereby dubbed the Squat-not.

I've narrowed done the codexs that i'd like to use, either Dark Angels or Space Wolves. As i now have 20 termies i also want to fullfill my dream of terminator army, which can only be done from those books.

What i am looking for is a army that allows for the ability to take scouts as troops, as i find 4+ for armor more suitable to the squat flavor. While getting my elites to be very hard hitting to make up for the fact i am using... scouts for troops.

Pics of the Squat-not coming tommorow as at the moment only the pilot has paint on him.

In closing i will ask if anyone is selling a DA codex at cheaper than

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  1. That sounds like a pretty good plan, as far as the codex goes I might be able to make it to Hobby Town tomorrow, I think $15 is a fair price. If you want some of the dwarfs I will have to talk to my friend Chris, as he bought them but the Beastmen are all mine.


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