Monday, April 30, 2012

Venerated Brother Brutis

Hey all, here is Venerated Brother Brutis, the Dreadnought in my Executioners 4th Company Army.

Incarcerated in his Sarcophagus three centuries ago, during the Morrovian Schism, Brutis is well over 500 years old, having served as an integral part of the Chapters Devastators. In his 120 years of service he logged well over a thousand enemy vehicle kills, and uncounted infantry fell to his squads ire. On Morros, the third planet from the systems star, a Chaos tainted group called "The Orphans of Carnage" usurped control of the military and merchant classes, and began a bloody revolution. The Executioners (then on their Penitence Crusade)  sweep onto the planet in a flood of anger and steel.  Brutis was placed in overall command of three devastator squads positioned on the eastern lume-ridges, just next to the starport, where civilians were being evacuated and supplies off loaded for the war effort.

It was to this starport that the Orphans sent their last, largest, and most desperate armored offensive of the war. Brutis and his men claimed 57 enemy vehicle kills, before their position was overrun. It was not until Tactical Squads from the 4th Company, searched through the wreckage days later, that they discovered Brutis barely clinging to life, surrounded by dead enemy infantry, and clutching the still fuming heavy bolter of one of his dead squad-mates. He was made a Dreadnought 3 days later.

Since then he continues to hunt enemy tanks as a preference, and has served the chapter with continued honor and distinction...

                                         My Attempt at Freehanding the Chapter Symbol Came out alright i think.

I figured that a life-support battle suit would probably be powered by something bright and highly explosive.

I also have these Autocannon arms, made from IG guns, for those days when those Munitorum buggers absolutely refuse to let you borrow their Hydra.

That's all for now guys

-Your Favorite Madman-

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Which one of these would you like to see first?

So im done with painting other peoples stuff for a while.

My question is, which out of these two would you like to see a unit from first?

The Executioners 4th Company


Tilean Vampire Counts

The choice is yours which i will paint first.

-Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Historical Re-fight: The Squat Homeworlds

So i was bored this past Friday and decided that i should use all these nids and squats, and terrain at my disposal to do something cool.

I wanted to represent the last brotherhood stronghold to fall on the homeworlds, so i set up the terrain to be a suitably imposing fortress with a gorgeous field of fire in front for gaunts to be horribly massacred on.

Roughly 1000 points a side.

Dark Angels representing the squats

The Tyranids spend much of the first turns taking hails of bolter and lascannon fire from the walls. Killing a few gaunts on turn 1.

With the Tyranids getting dangerously close to the walls, a few bikers led by a Chaplain, sally forth from the main gate, in conjunction with The forces in the land raider. take a brutal toll on the bugs, killing the tyrant and virtually wiping out both broods of gaunts. 

The bikers are dragged down by a few gaunts and the carnifex. I threw in another batch of gaunts for fun.

The Ymgarl arrive, and the Nids spring into 3 simultaneous assaults. With the Carnifex charging the raider, the stealers pouncing on one unit of wall defenders, and the crippled gaunt brood scaling the walls to attack the other squad of wall defenders.

The Interrogator Chaplain and his retinue, massacre the support gaunts and the carnifex and turn to help the wall units. 

The Squats enter their command bunker, which is now slick with gore, and the final showdown of the game commences with the retinue and Ymgarl engaging in fierce melee.  

 A melee which after several rounds of hard fought combat sees the Squats back in command of the walls. 

-The Homeworlds Hold-

I had so much fun doing this re-fight, send me a battle you'd like to see refought and if ive got the stuff i'll definately try !

-Your Favorite Madman-

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Skirmish of Orchard Farm

Hey all, so last Sunday, JD came over and played a game of Valor Steel and Flesh. He forgot his own guys so we played a small skirmish with some of my own boys in prep for a campaign we will be starting VERY soon.
We used totally identical forces for kicks and giggles.

Participating forces:    3rd British Foot Infantry with Elements from the 5th Armored.  
                                  7th French Grenadiers with Elements from the 2nd Armored.
Acting Commanders: Captain Teague (British), who has "Hesitant" and "Good Shot"
                                 Captain Lafayette (French), who has "Fightin' Mad"
Location: Outskirts of Orchard Farm-France.

(A quick explanation of whats been going on prior,  The 100 years war never ended, France and Britain have been in a state of constant war straight up into the Victorian Age.  The American Revolution was crushed, due to French support never arriving b/c of the aforementioned war. France has been terribly ravaged by this and much of the countries farmland is an unmanageable crater poked wasteland, save for a few areas that remain fertile.  Many of France's cities were reduced to rubble years ago, so the french people labored to create giant floating cities, on massive steam barges. creating a new nation named "Neo-France".  you can imagine the difficulties and interesting quirks involved in a Napoleonic style siege of such a town and we will be doing plenty of it in the coming campaign)

Two Scouting forces are patrolling the outskirts of a fertile area named "Orchard Farm" one to move in, in preparation for a siege of Orleans. The other to defend it to the last.  These troops eventually meet and battle ensues...

British troops formed up behind a small hill, and began to pepper French troops as they advanced through the forest and over the crest of a low ridge.

The Frenchmen deliver several volleys of their own into the English lines. both armies shooting are rather ineffective.

 Fighting continues like this for sometime until the French troops on the far right finally make it to the top of the ridge and began to enfilade fire of the English Line. Two squad of English troops turn and make a successful charge at the flanking party, but the Frenchmen are able to inflict heavy casualties. It is then that the reserves arrive in the form of an English and a French Landship.

The French Battalion moves out of the trees, as the last of their Flankers are stabbed to death. The Landships fire their medium guns at one another with no ill effect to either side.

The Entire French Line opts to charge the splintered British troops. The field rumbles with the clatter of bayonets and the boom of cannon.  As the smoke clears all but 5 Footmen from the French stand on the right, and only Captain's Teague and Lafayette on the Left.

The two Captain's Pull out their swords and slam into one another for a climactic duel in the middle field. The British Landship turns and fires into the surviving french leaving only 2 alive.

The Captain's duel ends with Lafayette wounded on the field and Teague standing triumphant over his broken opponent.......right in front of the French Landship

Who promptly sends the good Captain Teague down with a shot from its Medium Gun. He would be recovered with 45% of his body covered in Shrapnel, cursing the French crew and their "not fighting like gentlemen".

With only the two landships and the 2 infantry on the table it was an tank commanders game.

The two crews fire shell after shell at one another, with the french crew finally scoring a brutal amount of good flips on the Vehicle Damage Table. leaving the English vessel, filled with deadly fumes, its signals system wrecked, the engine compartment ablaze, the crew slain by tiny fragments of shrapnel, and several smaller damages. (Not this is not an exaggeration, but the cumulative results of French flipping)

So ends the first Skirmish of the Campaign.  and what a way to start it !

The Final Tally: Minor French Victory
 Over 60 Foot Dead
1 Landship effectively obliterated
2 Extraordinary Personages taken OOA during the course (both will be back as they are only wounded)

Thats all for now!

-Your Favorite Madman-

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Siege of Attakin Hive.

This past Saturday i organized an Apocalypse game of 7500 points per side, though we had no actual background for the day (just an excuse to play a really big game!). I've created my own account that suits the fluff of my army.

The forces in their actuality were.  Space Wolves, Tallarn Imperial Guard, Pilgrims of Rust.  vs.   Necrons, CSM/Tyranids, and Dark Eldar.

Amaranth let forth a mighty call "FORWARD! YOU WHELPS !"  as the Trio of Super Heavy Tanks smashed through the outer defenses of the Hive City. He watched as well aimed fire from Paladin Squads further into the city scythed down droves of weakling human troopers around him. The Secessionist commanders rallied their forces and made ready to engage the Paladin's sizeable horde of Servitor and Mutant spawn,along with their deadly quick Dark Eldar allies. 

The cacophony of the emplaced weapons were music to Amaranth as he butchered through yet another swarm of tiny, servitor driven, drones. As the main line of troopers under his command obliterated the forces charging across the central plaza, reinforcements from the Paladin's arrived in the midst of the armor and infantry coming in on the right flank.  Just then, enemy artillery blanketed the central plaza in thick smoke, obscuring the vision of the main line, and a tide of small mutants slaughtered their way into the midst of a nearby Heavy Bolter Crew. "Excellent" thought Amaranth, "At least there shall be SOME good fighting to be had here". 

 Just as he strangled the life out of the last of the small mutants Amaranth turned to see the large Servitor tower explode in a shower of fire and metal, the men of Cyrus responsible for its expert destruction. As he gazed at the devastation he watched the cavalry charge into the crater made by the tank of for the riders to be cut to pieces by ghastly looking servitors carrying massive power glaives. 

 He could taste victory now, its sweetness saturating his pallet. The plaza was clear, but the cursed Eldar were still proving stubborn to dislodge from the position they had wrested from the center of the gunline. The Armored Column was making progress toward the Paladin's by the refinery deeper into the city. Only a few more hours... he smiled to himself... and this hive shall be mine...

As he thought this, the enemy launched an attack on the convoy by way of teleporting terminators. Damnable fools!  he thought, cursing his luck as the convoy turned to face this newest threat.  His hopes of a quick victory snatched by this turn of events, Amaranth ordered his men to repel the closest enemy and entrench for the night. The siege shall continue...

Outcome:  Draw

1 to 1    (literally ALL other objectives heavily contested)

it was a great game and i hope to have another in the near future. I hope my narrative wasn't too hard to follow. Mutants=nids,  Servitors=necrons .   If you were wondering what i was talking about!

Tommorow i hope to post up a V&S&F battle report. stay tuned !

-Your Favorite Madman-

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Attakin Offensive. Part 1

The Inceptius system, is currently in the domain of the Renegade warband known as "The Paladins of Decadence" and their Lost and the Damned thralls. Rust and his command staff along with Amaranth and the forces from the Knights of Decay, have opted for a full scale invasion of the system rather than deviating into poorly charted sectors of space. Their plan is for brutal total war tactics focusing on the obliteration of civilian sectors to demoralize the Lost and Damned, minimizing the effectiveness of the Paladin's resistance. 

Owen came over Thursday and we played an 1850 game.  
"Paladins of Decadence" (CSM)  vs.   "Pilgrims of Rust" (IG) - Led by Rust himself.

We used a mission from 4th ed. that was basically seize ground, with fantasy deployment. Which was interesting so i'll probably be using them again in the future. 

A view of the city, just after deployment. Pilgrims on the right, Paladins on the left. 

The first turn kicks off with decent shooting from the Pilgrims, wounding one daemon prince. 
The Paladins gun their rhino's forward and pop smoke. The DP's attempt to run forward into the Pilgrims right flank. 

The Jacobite and Rallen Infantry swarm forward to meet the enemy head on, the Rallen charge kills one Daemon Prince (the one i promised to show you but was horribly maimed before i got a chance)   The Jacobite charge meets with an enemy rhino which is swarmed and destroyed. 

The next turn Paladin forces move reinforcements to the areas where the infantry charges hit home and multiple multi-unit melees break out on both flanks. 

The combats claim the bulk of the infantry, but thanks to 5 Power Swords and a Priest the enemy waves are seen off, severely hampering the Paladin's chances of victory here. 

Corporal Hendol, the Standard Bearer for 2nd Company 1st Platoon of the Rallen infantry takes down the enemy daemon prince in single combat. Instantly earning the respect of the Regiment, he is promoted to the rank of Lt. 

Additional Pilgrims arrive to bolster the advance, as both flanks mop up surviving enemy troops, the tank duel which had been occuring on main street between the Russ' and the enemy Predator finally ends with the last surviving Russ wrecking the opposing tank. 

Pilgrims of Rust are Victorious ! 

0 to 1 objectives. 

-Coming Soon Part 2 The Siege of Attakin Hive, (An apocalypse game)-

-Your favorite madman-


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Landships and Warlords and Princes -Oh my !

Well an update, I've painted ALL of my IG command squads into a single unified army color, so all of my upper command staff have a green fatigue and black armor. That includes Commissars and Priests.

I also, have been working on Green Stuff and so i decided that being the leader of millions of men Rust would be fodder for my attempted sculpting !

The Staff is a trophy taken from the dead hands of the former leader of the Rallen PDF. The Coat is a formal attire for Rallen High Commanders (or was prior to the uprising), Rust is now the only owner of one as all others have been burned to ensure no fool hardy Rallen's try to usurp command in his absence.  The Helmet is a bit of fluff i haven't gotten to writing up here yet but, it is a modified Helmet taken from the skull of a rather vicious pirate lord, it's gaze is said to sear the souls of men of lesser constitutions than that of the wearer. (I'm probably going to use Rust as Yarrick, in games where i have the points too and can't use the special rules i made for him)

I also crafted a Daemon Prince from spare Heroscape mini's (which are great if you have any they are awesome to convert things into)   for Owen, you'll see more of this beasty a little later in the week during our Re-match.

Also, I explored the many usages of Tic-Tac boxes (which are also awesome) and so i used a whole mess of them and turned them into Steampunk Tanks. You can see my British Rifle Company in the back there. and behind them some spear militia.  You might get to see these in action soon also!

Thats all for now

-Your Favorite Madman!-

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Skies Shall Burn!

Well its spring break and i've had 3 straight days (so far) of nothing but wargaming!
This past friday, Owen and JD came over to my place for some gaming.  JD being one of our friends from school that was interested in learning about wargaming as a hobby. I can safely say we will be seeing much more of him in future battle reports!

I played and orchestrated a couple games to teach JD about 40k.  The one i actually fought in is below.

Owen and JD both gathered a 500 point force in a Tyranid/CSM alliance against my 1000 points of Pilgrims.
I deployed on the temple of skulls outside of town, as the mechanized CSM rode forward on my left flank, the nids swarmed through the town into my center.  Fortunately massed amounted of Battle Cannon, Mortar and las fire saw off the bulk of these troops. The game ends early on turn 4, as there was barely anything left of the alliance forces. It was a right and proper massacre as i lost only a crew member of a heavy bolter. while broods of gaunts were slain and rhnios obliterated.

-This Saturday, i went to hobbytown and got in a "mini-pocalypse" in prep for next weekends full Apoc game.  2500 point team game of CSM v. Necrons

Pitched Battle/Capture and Control

The necrons deployed in a vast line all around their objective, clearly hoping to destroy as many of our transports as they could before we could get out and assault them.

Our hope was to drive a rhino/land raider convoy into the enemies flank, supporting it with artillery from Vindicators and a Defiler, then use 3 Daemon Princes as a Devastating counter assault unit.

Pics of Deployment

The Convoy guns forward, toward the enemies flank troops. Fire from the Barges destroys a vindicator and takes a brutal toll on our princes.

Over the next few turns, several lack luster turns of shooting on our part, and the vast profusion of annoying scarabs, take their toll on the convoy. The monolith arrives on our half of the board and the battle escalates, Kharn and the squads inside the convoy along with freshly arrived terminators turn the tide and ravage the flank, killing virtually everything in sight. By the time the battle here dies down Necron reinforcements arrive from the other side of the board to try and wrestle control of our objective. We are able to mount a staunch defense and start to beat them back.

In the end our last gambit for victory (a deep striking terminator squad) is cut down by massed infantry fire just short of the Necron Objective.  and the game ends in a Draw.

A shot of the battle field on turn 6  (the rule book is the burning wreckage of my land raider, b/c we needed a flat place to park a rhino on top of, without breaking my tank)

-Today, i mostly played my own games and wrote some lists and chilled out. ~ Happy Easter btw!

On the painting front. I finished some "Hammers of Ornus" bikers for Landon.  Here they are below.

I'll be working on Pilgrims of Rust again (FINALLY!)  this week, and then probably start on those Vampire Counts Chris gave me for a price i have yet to be told.  Then!  I'll cap off everything next Saturday with a giant game of 40k. until my next post !

-Your Favorite Madman-